Why I won't let my family's or friends' opinion affect my life choices and I will go and study whatever I want even if its not something serious.


Ok so since im a senior in high school this topics about college, careers, the future, etc happen almost daily. It is driving me crazy. When I was younger I used to want to study literature. Then clinical psychology, and then music/art/theatre etc. And something related to languages. When going to high school I decided I wanted to study clinical psychology better. Not because I liked it better than my other choices but was the one people would criticize less. I go to a great high school that gives me a free pass(not free tuition, just a guarantee to be accepted in) to a great university and very respectable in my whole country.

But tonight I was thinking... do I really wanna do this? Who the hell cares if I went to that great university? Almost everyone in my high school will. That won't make me special. That won't guarantee me a great job. What is the use of doing so if I won't study what I really want? Don't get me wrong I do LOVE clinical psychology and im highly interested... but so are like 80% of the girls at my school. And why? cause it is ''easy''. Why would I wanna be with a bunch of people in my classroom not really interested in the class but are just there to please their parents and yet they think they are better than everyone else cause they are in this ''amazing'' campus?

I was talking to my friend about this. I was saying huh you know I wanna go to New York and study something related to art there. I love the city its exciting, my dad supports me financially very well and my mom supports my choices. What do I have to lose? She kept saying it is hard to be there and that if she does that all her nosey aunts and uncles would criticize her and she might not get a good job.... ummm but don't engineers, lawyers, and doctors struggle too in finding a good position? There is competition in EVERY area. If it is not your favorite one, will it be worth it? No. Successful doctors are successful cause they love what they do and are good at it thanks to determination and work. Not cause they got to med school cause their nosey auntie convinced them.

Why I won't let my family's or friends' opinion affect my life choices and I will go and study whatever I want even if its not something serious.

Studying something ''serious'' won't guarantee success in life. Your determination and pursue of your talents will. Weather is in maths, science, art, business, or whatever.

And what if there are people criticizing you at your hometown for pursuing ''not a real career'' or not getting a ''real job''? Im gonna have a fucking blast in nyc, London, WHEREVER I choose to study. Struggle at times, yes, but ummm doesn't every student struggle? Everything is gonna make you struggle, you just gotta find what is worth struggling for, for you.

Yes I am privileged, I know not everyone has the money to be safe and not risk it all by pursuing this. But I do. So what? am I gonna waste it? No! im gonna make the best of it. This might sound sexist but I dont care. It is a reality(at least in the culture and society I live in) and in many other places. Here I go: I have the luck to be a woman in this. Nobody expects me to be a provider, a successful business owner, nor a politician. That is more expected for men to do so. Not saying men can't pursue careers on stuff different than that, they do, they can and a lot of them succeed. All I am saying is that I won't get as much criticism as a man would. Because yeah unfortunately(ok not for me) that is how things are seen as now.

The advantage I have for being a woman is that If I dont succeed it won't really matter. Or I won't be as criticized as my brother would be to pursue a career in the arts. Why? Because if I lose, I can just find love with a good hard working man and be a nice housewife. I mean a man can do that too in some cases but he will be criticized for it his whole life. And a lot of women are not into that, unlike men, a lot of men want a woman dedicated to their home. Which I intend to do even if I do succeed in my career. I mean, that is another reason why I wanna start as soon as possible. in the entertainment industry you get more jobs and opportuinities as a young and beautiful woman. So when im 30 I can just marry have kids, love them, love my husband and bake. either way I can win. I have nothing to lose. I have everything to win. And some bitches in my hometown mocking me won't stop that.

Why I won't let my family's or friends' opinion affect my life choices and I will go and study whatever I want even if its not something serious.
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