Five Distractions in a Student's Life


Hello and welcome everyone! This is my first take and I'll try to touch some common and a little bit sensitive points, basically all the distractions almost every student faces and yeah I've also faced these and I'm really embarassed to accept the second one lol. So let's get started!

1) Alcohol and drugs- At the age where we don't have much intellect and aren't fully mature, we tend to strive towards alcohol and drugs thinking it to be cool inspired by movies, video games, etc. If you're a teen and your friends are into these then you must have already known how much do they long for us to try it once but believe me it's so addictive that there are 90% chances that you'll do it again. Don't forget, every chainsmoker started the same way. So Don't even try.

Five distractions in a student's life

2) Porn and Masturbation- Believe it or not, despite it's quite common and those so called "health advantages", It's a sheer waste of time. There could be several productive things you could do while you were just masturbating while watching porn or sexting. It's quite addicting too. You'll feel an emptiness as soon as you even try to discontinue it. You'll be a slave to your body. Sometimes, it's fine but regular masturbation with porn isn't any good. According to a research, masturbation can even be more addictive than alcohol.

Five Distractions in a Student's Life

3) Sleep- Okay, so sleep is quite relaxing but it wastes a lot of your time too. You could do a lot of study if you would have woke up at 8 am instead of 10 am this Sunday morning. A considerable amount of sleep is fine and very important but more than enough is like poison for students. Sometimes, Sleep is like an enemy disguised as a friend

Five Distractions in a Student's Life

4) Food- Food! Who doesn't like food but again a considerable amount of food is fine. We all know what overeating can do to us. It makes us lazy too and then sleep will take toll on you too😂 Eat to satisfy your tummy, not your heart

Five Distractions in a Student's Life

5) Comedy- Yeah i know it may seem weird but it's true. The time you waste on watching vines and roasts can be utilised productively. I'm not saying stop watching it but just control the time. If you studied for 2-3 hours and then watched a 15 minute video, it's totally fine but watching it whole day isn't a wise choice. Comedy is a natural way to relax a stressed mind but please don't convert this relaxation to an addiction. Laughter is the best medicine but medicine has it's limit too.

Five Distractions in a Student's Life

So that's all for today!

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Love you all and don't get distracted!!❤️

and yeah one more thing, please add your opinions about the take, positive response really encourages😊

Take care!

Five Distractions in a Student's Life
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  • Warmapplecrumble
    I indulge in sleep :-I a lot :-/
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  • Matty47
    Nice one dude
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  • Wolframium
    And you don’t number things from 0. Nothing…just pointing that out.
    “almost every student faces”. I’m glad, that you said almost. Because as I read this, I haven’t found myself in it.
    1? No. Not for me. Don’t like it. I have my reasons, and even if they are not secret or anything, goning into them would take long time.
    2 is just…natural. I’m sorry, but…it is. Waste of time? Well, if you watch porn for hours, then…yeah. Addicting? Really? Porn is boring.
    3 is just necessary. I hate his type of talk. You don’t like sleep? Then don’t sleep. “Oh, but I’ll die!” Yes, you will. So? Just proving my point. “No, dude, I meant sleeping too much.” Cool. So, you have brain. Write it more explicitly, not this “Sleep is like an enemy disguised as a friend” shit. Seriously. You need sleep to survive.
    4: as much as I hate that, food is also needed. Overeating never was my problem, since food costs money, which I haven’t had. Now I do, but food and everything around it is extremely boring. Delivery shit? No. That is just…wasting money.
    5: You know what? This is only valid point so far. Oh, wait, it’s also the last one. And I give you that. OK, and maybe the alcohol one, sure, I tend to ignore that, since it just isn’t in my life.
    Now, I’m asking you…where is time spend on social networks? Or hanging out instead of studying? Where is something about games? Hmm? Perhaps, there things would be much easier to defend, instead of sleep and food, which are necessity. And I feel you, I know, that the time potential, which you could unlock by not doing these, would be immense. But also…let’s be honest. If you don’t have self-control, not enough time isn’t the issue. Poor time management is.
    Your first take isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but it just feels like…stupid? Sorry for that. But stupid in the way, that you attack things, which are essential to life, and ignoring real problems.
    My response is far from positive. But ask yourself. Do you want lies or the truth? I give you my honest opinion.
    • thanks for your honest opinion. I'll surely try to improve in my next takes

  • metalsucks2
    "At the age where we don't have much intellect and aren't fully mature, we tend to strive towards alcohol and drugs "

    Repeat after me "Not everyone does drugs or drinks alcohol"

    Sincerely someone who has never taken drugs or drank alcohol.
    • yeah it's not bout everyone

    • Then don't claim that every teenager succumbs to drug use and alcohol use.

    • My father smoked even in front of me but I never became a smoker.

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  • QueenofCups
    All five of these things are fun in moderation, but can cause problems if you overdo it.
    • that's what I wanted to say. We should learn to maintain a balance between pain and fun

  • meatballs21
    This is pretty silly information, written from a position of almost total ignorance and trying to pass off moralizing as health advice.

    1. Alcohol is pretty much a normal part of life. There is nothing wrong with trying some to see if you like it and to know what your limits are. So long as you're responsible, there's no problem. Drugs are a different matter. You almost certainly will be offered some at some point, and you can refuse if you want.

    A scaremongering poster saying if you drink you will lapse into a coma and die is not useful information. For that to happen would require serious, deliberate overindulgence.

    2. This is entirely a moral standpoint. Sexuality is normal. You might as well claim fishing is destructive, if you spend all day doing it.

    3. A large number of studies indicate teens need more sleep than adults.

    4. Oh yes, I knew so many people at university who failed because they were too busy eating to do their coursework.

    5. All work and no play will cause stress to build until you burn out and then you're far worse if than if you foolishly denied yourself some leisure time (and more than 15 minutes after 3 hours work!)
  • QooLipBite
    These are extremely accurate actually.

    But you also left out a very crucial and important one, which is the opposite sex, relationships and partying/social life.

    Alcohol and drugs have screwed up the school careers of some of my close friends.

    Porn and masturbation hinders energy and cone creation and takes a SHITLOAD of time.

    Life as a student isn't as easy as one would think in this day in age.
  • hanhan3817
    I think teens not getting enough sleep is a lot more of an issue than them getting too much sleep..
  • Heartcrusher
    Over all I think this is a good take. 1&2 aren't really a problem for me. Frighteningly a huge issue for our age group. I do over eat sometimes but only when I'm not watching what I eat. Also TV and sleep are the same way.
    I would also add Crushes, there have been countless times where I've been pondering over what he says and does that I would forget that there's geometry homework beneath my elbows.
    And would say tech it self is a distraction.
    Not just TV but video games, media and phones.
    But this pretty much sums up teen lifestyle
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Throw video games in there and you just described 80% of my time in college.
  • bloodmountain1990
    #6) friends and social life/activities in general. I would almost always have someone to hang out with in college whether it was going to a bar, friend's dorm/house, meeting on campus, etc.

    I was pretty disciplined, but I probably would have had even better grades had I cut that down a tad lol.
  • blackpantherbig
    exactly most of the students do not drink, don't care about sex, sleep regulary and do not watch tv. where are you from? do you consider also sex as waste of time? lol
  • RicanEyes
    I like this mytake pretty good stuff. The guys will be mad at you for the porn thing. Haha :-D
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    It's quite broad. Well you don't even have to be a student to be distracted and indulged in these things.
    • yup it's relatable to almost every age group but teenagers face these prob comparatively more than others

  • nbbn5
    Arrey first take 👍👍👍👍
    And a nice one 🙂🙂🙂🙂
    • nbbn5

      But why in sexual behavior? Lmao

    • No idea lol
      G@G wasn't letting me put it in Education and Career🙄
      Maybe cuz of the words used in second distraction

    • nbbn5

      Oh okay lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 G@G knows your mind :p

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  • Gypsy_x
    True, but I suppose the general thing is not taking care of yourself, or not ensuring your life is well balanced.
  • Asad1ONE1
    Well written Take man. And moderation is key for a well-balanced lifestyle, according to @QueenofCups. And if you're not going to moderate, at least prioritize, which is essential for proper time management and happiness.
  • John_Doesnt
    Drugs are bad m'kay? And Alcohol is bad m'kay? And if you do drugs or alcohol, then that's bad.
  • Naydyonov
    I don't do drugs, alcohol, porn, sleep, masturbation.
    I often don't do sleep or comedy.

    I guess I'm at near 100% productivity :D
  • razor97
    this is a very well and documented post, but you forgot about school, i am trying to learn something and when i'm home i don't have much time, i can't even do sport in 2 hours...
  • JCT666
    I've ironically read this take while drunk as fuck. I feel ashamed.
  • didigo182
    I practiced all 5 during the entire course and graduated.
  • Hidden_P
    You sound like fun to be around.
  • Solanaceae
    Good job Raj. Agreed.
  • DarthLadyKiller
    Really true. Great take.
  • Peachman
    pretty good mytake nice job
    is that a stripper he's kissing?
  • walkietalkie1990
    Helpful info and a Good read. Nice take
  • Yes its true
  • 404filenotfound
    Thanks for sharing!
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • disgustingweebtrash
    I agree
  • Anonymous
    Nice take.
  • Anonymous
    I think it depends on the person, some of those aren't a distraction for most
    • how come we have so many different opinions regarding one topic and being all of em true lol?😛

  • Anonymous
    It should be taken in moderation
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    So true.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    You forgot the cuties in lecture
  • Anonymous
    Right right
  • Anonymous
    WOW! I'm in serious trouble!!!
  • Anonymous
    None of these where an issue for me i mean i wish i didn't need sleep to function but given you need so much i'm pretty conservative with my 6-7 hours generally 3am - 10am.

    My main issue that affected my grades was/is simply just not being interested in what im supposed to be working on I was studying physics and started looking into politics, too much philosophy, chemistry, biology, botany, economics , nutrition and exercise, law, probly pretty unrealistic business ventures and eventually programing developing a superficial level of knowledge in many other things.
    The bright side is the world is built by pepole who innovate.