Apple Attempts to Change Classrooms


Introduced the latest addition to Apple’s ground-breaking application is known iBooks. Apple’s latest attempt to improve the literacy rate in the United States and eventually in other country? Literacy rate, hanging by a thread. He shows the State of education in the US. These figures are not something that you just ignore. You see, such as students and teachers in need of salvation. Otherwise, we are moved towards the gap not only in regard to the literacy rate, but in other areas, including the economy.

Apple Attempts to Change Classrooms

We look at these figures

School leaving 1.2 million per year has reached. Every day there are 6000 students drop out. In only 26 seconds, a student decides the school leave. Today the United States is enjoying a period of the most powerful country in the world, but we need to sign in the next few years. A survey designed to the ability of students from developing countries to American students at 21 locations in the first 25 natural sciences and mathematics to see rate. Been tried educational technology in the country. It will be the best way to other regions. So Mcessay evident that the integration of technology in the classroom has a 25 per cent increase in student interest in learning.

Apple Attempts to Change Classrooms

The parents need to bribe their children, to convince them to get the class no longer. In Maine, which is each class collected 7 students with a free laptop, positive results. Eighth grade students took the math test increased success rate of 50% to 91%. This is almost 100% growth. Distributed in Euclid, Ohio, high school in 24 iPad in a single classroom. Six percent of the students improve their reading skills, while 8% develop of their writing skills.

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Apple Attempts to Change Classrooms
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  • Logorithim
    I first used a Mac to do math practice during the 1982-83 school year. I was wondering when Apple would get into classrooms again.