How Teachers Can Improve Upon Their Teaching.


How Teachers Can Improve Upon Their Teaching.

I am currently a student in my Sophomore year of highschool, closely coming to my junior year. I have had good teachers and bad ones. Here are my thoughts.

1. Make the lesson fun

The way the mind works is it remembers things that give them something to remember about them. So try to make every lesson interesting. Don’t sit down you class in front of a board and show them a screen and force them to copy notes. Give them an activity to participate in so they are having fun while both remembering the lesson. Yes I understand it can be both stressful and difficult to come up with a different memorable thing for every lesson, but out of my experience, the teachers I learned the most from were those who made the lessons fun.

2. Exaggerate your voice

Sounds weird, however if you talk in the same monotone voice for the entire lesson the brain will begin to tune it out. By surprising the students with a loud noise or shouting a word it will alert them and make them focus back in. You may look stupid but at least you’re keeping your students engaged.

3. Be interesting

Include personal stories you have, it paints you as a human rather than just a teacher, it also makes a lesson more interesting as it can count as a memory to look back on. On top of that, it builds a bond with your students as well, allowing them to trust you more and for those on the border may prompt them to get help that they usually don’t seek.

4. Actually teach!

A student expects to be taught, and I believe that as long as the teacher makes the lesson interesting and the student listens to it and participates, they should not need to study for a test to get a good grade. By putting things on a test that weren’t apart of the lesson and rather putting it online as a homework assignment you are no longer teaching that student, you are no longer doing your job. You are paid to teach students what subject you are apart of. They shouldn’t be the ones teaching themselves.

5. Be a friend, not a teacher

Don’t act like a teacher to a student, try being a friend to them. That doesn’t mean not to teach. It means you should treat your students as humans, and try to be friends with them rather than students. If you are friends with a student then you are their go to adult advice person. Because you’re so well liked it prompts students to do better in your class as well because they don’t want to disappoint you. It has so many advantages rather than not.

This is is what I have learned over my years as a student. There are only 5 because it’s been condensed in what I think are the most important. Feel free to share what you think and what either I can improve about or what teachers can improve on. Tell me if you agree or disagree with my opinions/suggestions and why.

How Teachers Can Improve Upon Their Teaching.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • hellacray
    Well the best way I have learned is if something ties in with my life personally.

    I mean it makes sense. Like if you have a busted TV at home and it just so happens that today's class is all about the interior of a TV and how to fix them.

    Wouldn't you be paying extra close attention?

    Well I guess unless you're the one that busted your TV cause you were raging or something.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Whaler

      I can definitely understand that, and would definitely make a good point.

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  • lanabug
    They should also explain how they got the answers instead of just telling us the answer. There should be a test every week and maybe a test about everything we learned that month. They should also stop being lazy and actually put in the effort. Too many of my teachers have half assed our notes and then when I study the notes I don't understand the notes.
  • smg99
    I never relied on their methods, they get tired too you know. Best way to absorb info that voluminously is ;

    1. Read aloud teach yourself privately with the legit text books.

    2. Read in a group talk
    Aloud and rephrase what you learnt by reading each passage.

    3. Test by random questions and work through exam papers. Try explaining the logic of your answers.
    First see the answer work backwards.
    • Whaler

      That works for certain people, however others I can have the opposite effect. Some don’t enjoy group work

    • smg99

      True that’s why I added either or individual or group with your suggestions In mind

  • CoffeeWC
    The job of a teacher is not to be their friend. It's to make sure their students understand what they are taught.
    • Whaler

      The job of a teacher is to teach, the purpose of this is to give ways on how they can improve upon that.

    • CoffeeWC

      Being your friend won't improve their ability to teach.

    • Whaler

      No, but studies have shown that students who are friends with their teachers score higher than those who aren’t friends with their teachers. It motivates the student to try harder in said class to not let the teacher down, and maybe even to impress said teacher. Students who are friends with their teachers are also more likely to get help when needed from said teacher. It won’t improve the teachers ability to teach, but it will help with the student and their grades statistically.

  • ryryryan
    u cold b a fantaatic teacher, u rlly kno what ur tlking about
    • Whaler

      I honestly don’t know if I should take you serious or not. On one hand I have never met someone that speaks like that unironically. On the same hand your 33 according to your profile.

  • Sevenpointfive
    and don't sleep with the kids
  • Good take