Are You a Daydreamer or a Boss?


I'm sick of people always telling me what they're gonna do or what they wanna do. I want a hot girlfriend, I want a house, I want a car, etc. They want that shot overnight so they get discouraged. They want it now. They want to live a life that requires wisdom, discipline, ambition and maturity. They have neither.

Confidence is the ability to tackle what you want and beat your dreams and ambitions ass. It could take me 2, 4, 8 or even 12 years to get to where I need to be - but I'll get there. This is more than money. This is gaining wisdom along the way so I won't be a fool who parts ways with their riches.

This is more than settling for a shitty job or boyfriend. This is believing I deserve better and can and WILL do better. It's too hard? For who? You must be talking about yourself because it's not too hard for me. I have the vision, determination, discipline and focus to succeed.

It takes too long? For who? I want to be proud of what I've done. I put blood and sweat into that shit. My empire I spent building that whole entire time, could crush your kingdom that was built overnight. Bosses are NOT daydreamers. We envision, manifest and turn it into reality.

It's not about what I'm gonna do, it's about what I will do and what I will accept. As I boss, I deserve the best.

Are You a Daydreamer or a Boss?
Are You a Daydreamer or a Boss?
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  • RobLovesDemi
    Well you can have all the money fame and success you want in life but it won’t buy you true happiness that has to come from within. You can make a 1000 dollars an hour at your job and be miserable doing it or you could make chump change and he happy loving what you do for a living the choice is yours. Just remember you can't take any physical assets or a fancy job or career with you to the grave and the only people who will be by your side when your old lonely elderly and dying will be your loved ones not your career But feminism really warped women’s brains into not seeing that part of the picture they want women to be middle aged cat ladies sitting at home while climbing that corporate ladder and in the end where will it get them in a rocking chair with their eleven cats. Think about it. Life isn't about working for some bags of gold its about loving the precious gift of life God gave you to fulfill it with friends family and loved ones. Think about that the next time one of these feministic ideas goes charging in your thoughts
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  • Nik1hil
    She came here..
    Ranted and then deactivated her account 😂🤣😂🤣
    Proves that she is not a boss..
    Or Bosslady..

    Just a day dreaming.. Ranting lady..
    Haha.. Women are Crazy..
    That's established. By her behavior
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    • Tohhhru

      She's just all talk then

    • Nik1hil

      @Tohhhru she is speaking truth..
      I was just hoping to piss her off and come active..
      I was being the BOSS of Bosses

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    All bosses started as being daydreamers, there is nothing wrong with that. You could be a daydreamer for years while trying to get where you want and end up being the boss.
    This is like telling a student he could never be what he wishes to turn into because he only dreams about that for now, leave people time.
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  • i1T2daty
    Or you could adopt the Buddhist point of view that attachment - believing that getting something, someone will bring happiness, and aversion, belief in things people or situations or something happening will cause unhappiness; are the fundamental cause of suffering.
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I admire your determination, but you didn't mention anything you HAVE done - just what you're gonna do. That makes you just about the same as the people you say you're sick of.

    Now, what makes you a boss?
  • Midnight_Kiss
    I'm both, I spend a lot of time day dreaming about the if's, but's and maybe's but also go out of my way to succeed even if it does take me longer than most at least I know its not rushed and its right.
  • Authentik
    Why is the tone of this take seem bitter and uncharismatic. like it written to validate yourself
  • Deukalion
    I have 4 houses 2 car's waiting for 1 more to arrive my business with networks, production of olive oil and 2 married milf girlfriend. Next year going to be pensioner, i have more than enough and time to relax and live the life.
  • Levin
    My kingdom would destroy your empire. Don't deny it or sully the good name of my English kingdom.
  • JohnnyMunch
    Lol it wouldn't take me years to take a hot girlfriend. All you need for that is looks.
  • degrassielilover
  • SwoleCook
    You sound like a day dreamer
  • opurba
    All r day dreamer.
  • SketchForger
    Cool, now tell me what you've done?
    please dominate me (i'm boss)
  • _Senpai
    I am a BAWS
    • "BAWS", anime prof pic, anime name, you are a boss alright

    • _Senpai

      @furiousrat put a shirt on tard. you look like a tool.

      also you're a pedophile

    • Spoken like a true boss. Also I can show off my body, I have worked on it a long time and I am proud of what I have accomplished. I'm sure you are very proud of the relationship you have with your anime boyfriends so I shouldn't have insulted you for that, really sorry.

      Also calling me a pedophile for finding short girls cute might be the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard, go back in your cave, troll.

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  • Lance1965
    I am my own boss. Gave up on the dreams years ago.
  • Anonymous
    A person needs dreams to start to make them a reality. The problem is most people to not make the detailed plan and to work hard for their dreams to be a reality.
  • Anonymous
    those who think like that usually are never pleased adn end up single in their 40s and can't have kids anymore... .
  • Anonymous
    So having dreams and plans is bad? only complusiveness?
  • Anonymous
    Love it