Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses


I started my college career back in late 2015. I felt so lost at first, I only took one class per semester and I didn’t expect my college days to last very long. But once I got use to college, I realized that college isn’t that bad except for one major problem... Mandatory math courses.

What alien language is this?
What alien language is this?

From K-12, math has always been my weakness. I always struggled with math, no matter how much effort I put into math, I could only get “C’s” and very rarely an A. But I never stressed too much about math back in K-12 because there were always alternative classes for students who struggled in Math. College is different, math is forced onto you. there’s no way around it, no alternatives. You either pass all your required math courses or you might as well drop out of college.

You’re going to take math courses, whether you want to or not
You’re going to take math courses, whether you want to or not

So far I’ve barely managed hang on to my College phase. I have 2 more math courses to go(3 if I fail my current math course) it’s been no easy journey, I’ve only been able to get “C’s” in my previous math courses, which is still passing but obviously not the best grade out there.

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses

My main issue with math is the cramming of lessons into one semester. In my opinion 5 months isn’t really enough to become an expert on 9 chapters which also happen to be divided into smaller sections(9.1, 9.2, 9.3 etc).

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses

I also hate that finals are basically an overview of every single chapter including the newest chapters instead of it just being the final chapters. This is the biggest obstacle for college students due to the fact that you have to memorize everything from the beginning

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses

Math is different than other subjects because it’s similar to working out(if you don’t use it, you lose it) or a skill that can get rusty without practice.

What math feels like
What math feels like

The high math course drop rates in my college is further indication of college math needing a makeover. In my math courses alone, only around 15 out of the 50 students make it through the semester without dropping the course.

What it looks like when dropping a math course
What it looks like when dropping a math course

There have even been attempts at decreasing the math prerequisite requirements for college students which you can read here.

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses

How many people actually retain what they learn in math? Sure you can retain the basics but about the higher levels? Many graduates that I know can’t even remember what they learned in intermediate algebra because it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo that can only be understood by those few who actually like math.

When you come across a sentence full of numbers, symbols and letters
When you come across a sentence full of numbers, symbols and letters

Even to get an Associate in Arts degree, you still need math, either college algebra or statistics depending on your major. It’s pathetic.

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses

It’s funny how much emphasis our society puts on getting a college degree, when people fail to understand that mandatory Math is the biggest obstacle for college students and it’s not always the student’s fault for failing a math course. Math shouldn’t be treated like any other course, it should be treated in the same way physical fitness is treated. In which you don’t overwork it, you follow a routine and make moderated increments to improve. Or only basic math should be mandatory for non math based majors.

I currently have 2 more math classes that I need to take in order to get an Associate in arts degree. While I can get good grades in other classes without much difficulty, it’s these two remaining math courses that have me worried. If all goes according to plan, then I should have my AA degree by next year. If I can’t complete the two math courses, I’ll just settle for my certificates and focus on starting my career.

#Mathrant #roadblockofcollege

Math rant, my unfiltered opinion on Mathematics as mandatory college courses
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  • A-man-22
    (Assuming college for Americans is similar to university or A-level for British)

    I chose to do mathematics as university and it's generally been going ok, there has been highs and lows but it's been fine.

    However, I don't feel mandatory mathematics above GCSE level is ok. People should all have a basic understanding of maths and it's good to have. That saying , some careers do not need maths such as journalism and art etc.

    So if your career path you are focusing on doesn't include heavy amount of mathematics then you shouldn't be required to study it.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • LuvAsh
    I agree👏🏾 i hate math🙄 i gotta do college algebra or statistics next semester😭😭😭😭

    English is my thing. And any science that has to do with the human body is my thing as well. Math can die for all I care👎🏾👎🏾😒
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    • zagor

      No, you would die without Math because the bridge you drive across would collapse.

  • aloha96
    Lol I didn’t have mandatory math courses at my college. I got a Bachelor of Arts degrees and took French instead
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    • That's degree is about as useful as gender studies

    • aloha96

      My undergraduate degrees are criminal justice and psychology

    • aloha96

      Bachelor or arts means you study foreign language courses. Bachelor of science means you study math and science courses.

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  • Jamie05rhs
    Sorry about your frustrating experience so far. I would highly recommend getting a tutor. I know you don't like math, but the worst part about doing poorly in any subject is not understanding it. I think you will enjoy math if you find a way to learn it that actually makes sense to you.
  • College algebra barely teaches you to be able to calculate interest rates. These courses need to be required and everyone should have to pass that level of math to graduate high school. Being math illiterate can hurt you and other people that are effected by your choices.
  • DDpsy
    In my opinion no one should have any type of college degree without passing Calc3 and a pretty good Linear Algebra course.
    • And that’s why you have a lot of college dropouts, especially when it’s not taught correctly.

    • DDpsy

      Yeah. College should be tough. Hell I would also put a physical requirements also. Be able to do 50 consecutive push ups at the end of each semester or GTFO.

    • 50 push-ups is irrelevant to academics.
      50 push-ups is more relevant towards Physical education and sports.

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  • OMG amazing mytake. Literally a the reasons I don't like math. Science and psychology is my thing. 🖤💜💙
  • NerdInDenial
    Math is a language used to describe reality. It’s also based on a set of rules. Once you understand the rules, it becomes a pattern.
  • Matt57
    I like math when I get the hang of it. My trouble is that I learn enough to pass the class but forget everything after the semester ends. I was gonna major in Mechanical Engineering, but decided to switch to Industrial Technology which is kinda like engineering but more of a hands on focus in like Auto Essentials, Metallurgy, Welding, Woodworking etc. and requires less math. I’m doing that on top of my CADD certificate.
  • zagor
    Why do you find it so hard? Most of it is pretty logical.

    I think one problem is that a lot of elementary school teachers weren't good at or don't like Math, and do a poor job of teaching it. It is hard to get more advanced topics if you don't have a firm grasp of the basics. Plus some of the BS methods for teaching it have gotten remarkably stupid; when my nephew was in 5th grade I helped him with his math HW and couldn't believe the idiotic method they were using to teach one of the concepts - I have a master's in Math and it took me awhile to figure out what the point was.

    When I taught an algebra class and was reviewing basics on the first day, one of the kids asked me what a negative number is; that should be learned well before basic algebra.
    • I forgot to mention that many of the math professors in the community college I attend have low ratings on “ratemyprofessors. com”. 2.6 ratings and complaints.

    • zagor

      That's too bad. A lot of times community college teachers are better at teaching than those at 4 year schools, since it's all they do. I had some excellent teachers at both - and some not so good.

      Unfortunately, here in California at least, a lot of CC's are going to PT teachers, so that may be part of the problem.

    • zagor

      But from my experience, it is also tougher teaching at a CC because the students have such a diverse background in previous experience with math.

  • xkforcesc2
    Part of life is being able to slog through things that are difficult and uninteresting to you. You are going to hit barriers like that and worse as you go through life. The question is whether or not you're willing to find a way through them or give up and let yhe real world grind you into paste.
    • There’s nothing wrong with questioning things you think have gone too far.

  • SpunkNugget
    To be honest it's not difficult to get a C/D and pass. It's difficult to get an A. If you do well in the other modules you can pick up the slack for your poor maths
  • adika63
    All those cal and trig classes everyone thinks are useless and I once did as well. Turn out I was wrong. Geometry trig and vector calculus I use daily. Granted I like numbers and because it makes sense. Math is logica.
  • paledude
    You just need to practice a lot. You’re ready for the exam when solving the problems is just muscle memory. That having been said, it does consume a lot of time.
  • Logorithim
    Personally, I think no one should graduate college without passing Calculus.
  • HornetsFanAllDay
    there are pluses and minuses to everything but somehow it all adds up
  • Deathraider
    That’s why you practice some of these skill early. You get a feel for them.
  • sadassad
    In some countries what you are doing right now at college they do it at high school
  • Good take
  • AdmiralBailey
    You go boy
    ~Mr Bails Extraordinaire