Women should not be paid as much as men. Change my mind.

Women should not be paid as much as men. Change my mind.

Getting straight to the point, man do quite a lot more for women that women do for man. We take you out on dates which we pay for. We take you on trips and we pay for these as well. We buy you nice things like jewelry, flowers and other types of gifts, sometimes even cars, etc. we give you a place to live, we cook for you, we help you clean. We fix things for you, we open the door for you, we hold your hair while you puke. None of this comes cheap.

Another part is that even when a man pays for every single thing, when things go south and the wife finds a new guy she is entitled to half of everything she never worked for. How is this fair? The only inequality I see is that guys are slaves to women.

So as long as women do not agree to share all these costs I do not think they should be making as much as guys do.

(I know that this may very, some guys are just takers like most women)

Women should not be paid as much as men. Change my mind.
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  • DeftonesQueen
    I pay for everything I want and have. My house is under my name and not my significant others. My car is under my name. I pay more bills than he does. Everything is under my name. He pays his own car. I also take him out on more dates and buy him more gifts than he does for me. We both work and provide. So, I think we should all get paid equally bc in the end, we end up living together and having a family and both should pay equally. I'm more independent than the women you've clearly come across.
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  • Dinklex3
    Erm.. I have no interest in changing your mind but
    I buy my own jewlery and gifts. My space is paid for by me, I cook for myself, and I clean my own shit.
    I help fix things for others too, I hold doors open for people as well (manners), and I've held friends hair while they puked.
    According to that..
    Guess I've earned my salary, lmao.
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  • Daviid_
    I do not agree with you when you say all those things should be considered but I do agree however that the salary gap is far since men have statistically proven to be more efficient ane more acceptable to work late, besides this the accidents in work are 436% more likely to happen to men than for women.
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  • tartaarsaus
    Why the hell should an employer pay someone more just because their personal spending pattern is generally different?
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  • dploegjeexx
    I do think the payment should be the same for men and women. Only if it’s heavy work and the women needs a guy help every now and then I can understand. And well tbh from my opinion I disagree with a guy paying for everything. I’d hate it if a guy did that to me, yes it is sweet but I would want to buy stuff for him too and pay for dates.
  • Account
    It is kind of funny that people who have such opinions usually have never worked a single day their lives. Anyway, whatever you say. I don't care much to change anyone's mind in regards to anything.
  • midnight_1443
    Women should be able to sustain themselves without being with a man. Most women I've met don't actually want you to buy them things, they just want your time. Far be it for you to have to be a good person to get a girlfriend/wife? Compatibility, instead of money and things. Equality can benefit us all.
  • kikissss
    How old are you? 90? Because that "analogy " could maybe applied to the 50s or 60s. And by the I am pretty happy paying my own bills, trips and whatever I please I don't need a men to pay for that. In what era are you leaving?
  • AD240pCharlie
    People get paid what they agreed to get paid. It's down to you and your employer. If you're a good negotiator, you're ultimately going to end up getting paid more, and that's what counts. At the end of the day, your boss is not going to give a shit about your situation at home, how much your partner makes, or anything like that. They're just going to care about what works best for the company.
  • Yessir12
    How does this relate to work? Equal pay or equal work is what people ask for. If a woman works in the office as same hours as a man then she should be paid the same. Are you just trolling?
  • jacobbarnes249
    That's kinda fucked up women get paid the same wage it's just a matter of how much they work but they do the same work and get paid the same amount that's how it works
    • gumbydafish

      Agreed, besides that way of thinking is very outdated. There is more balance now than I think people realize. For instance, male dominated jobs such as engineering, you get paid a little more if you're a woman in the field. Vice versa for male nurses, or male hair stylists.

  • spiciecherry4
    Honestly I think it is a toss up on who does more because what about all the moms out there with kids and the kids have no father cause he took the easy way out women and man should be paid equally honestly until we have made the amount that men have been making over us it's really not fair because men have neen making more than us since day 1 and it's about time something was given back to us
  • fulloflife
    I do agree with you... the man has to pay the mortgage and he fulfills the role of the provider. So yeah , it makes sense for men to get paid more than woman.
  • Garlan
    No. What needs to be changed is the way family laws operate. If men didn't lose half their shit for an arbitrary reason, then it wouldn't matter who pays for everything.
  • Clinton321
    🤔I think that is what all man should do for a lady they love.. But except cook, unless she is pregnant you gonna cook for her😝
  • Texaskid1
    People should be paid based on experience , skills , length of employment. The reason that men tend to make more money on average is because they work longer hours , they take more dangerous jobs.

    If many of these feminists really believe that they are being discriminated against then stop complaining and take your employer to court. In court - and I mean a real court of law not Twitter or the main stream media - you will have tough standards and accountability that cannot be played with. More likely than not their claims will collapse like a house of cards because that is what happens in these cases since their claim that they are being paid less solely because of their gender is utter bullshit.
  • Vallius86
    I bet this guy has let himself get used a lot of times. 😂
  • Rangers
    They do get paid as much as men, men just work way more hours than women.
  • namelessyoungold
    Nobody asked for you to pay on a date. Nobody gives a shit. Dumbass.
  • ChronicThinker
    Except have babies.
  • leahzrc
  • anametouse
    You don't speak for me. I do not agree with you
  • Anonymous
    I won't.!
    Besides man works better, more
    So he needs more resources & stuff. So obviously he needs more pay.

    Women shld not even compare themselves with man, no match!
    • Anonymous

      And many women here are such arrogant cry babies, inspired by a pink anon who keeps saying 'men are slowflakes'.

  • Anonymous
    women should not be paid at all

    they are prostitutes as it is
    no point in them having a job

    its a waste of time
  • Anonymous
    Don’t care enough about your opinion to try and change your mind tbh.
    • Anonymous

      glad to see I have offended at least one male, my work here is done 😌

    • Anonymous

      not that it’s hard to offend the male species, such sensitive snowflakes 😊

  • Anonymous
    I am old fashioned. I think a man should take care of a woman. women should be at home taking care of children and the home. With that though. Some men aren't old fashioned they believe women should pull their own. With that some women... a lot of women have to work to take care of themselves. I believe women should be paid just as much as men. If a women has to go do a man's job and take care of herself she should at least be paid to do it!