Stop closing schools over covid!

Stop closing schools over covid!

So im a high school student and 17, i have had to wear a mask and social distance for 3 F*CKING YEARS almost, Do you know how long that is? My entire high school, I have made zero friends, i got "sent home for 2 weeks because i was "exposed to covid" guess what, I HAVE THE VACCINE AND I TESTED NEGATIVE, but the school STILL won't let me come back because its the "rules" i have learned absolutely NOTHING the past 2 years, classes are empty teachers are constantly send home and subs are put in place, I even lost my position as a soccer captain for my team because its all be canceled, So my chance of getting a scholarship is destroyed!, STUDENTS ARE learning absolutely NOTHING, Teen suicide is at a all time high, Know why? Because MINORS need socialization, Its human nature, Im personally sick of this, My ENTIRE high school experience down the drain, OPEN the schools GET RID of mandates GET RID OF SENDING KIDS HOME even if they are not even f*cking SICK, What is even the point of that? Getting sent home for covid when you dont even HAVE covid But they still force you to stay home, That leads to MORE fallbacks academically, That makes children even MORE depressed, AND IT MAKES MORE KIDS STARVE because some students do not have the opportunity to eat at school, Some kids NEED school food so they have full bellys, CLOSING schools just makes those kids hungry and empty bellys, OPEN SCHOOLS AND KEEP THEM OPEN #openschools

Stop closing schools over covid!
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  • Smoke-n-Growls
    I mean, I agree with a lot of your points.

    But opening schools right now means so many of you will die. Delta variant is worse on the young. It's not the same virus as before.

    But you're right. The flip flopping isn't good. Socialization is necessary, too.

    Instead of rallying against what you have no control over, though, why not find a way to safely socialize? Come up with creative solutions.

    Start a class project to play a video game together and mod it or something. Make a city wide scavenger hunt or something.

    Yes it sucks.
    But no one can control a pandemic. It's not really possible.

    What you can control is your response to it. And you can make that something that can address some of those problems you're passionate about.

    If nothing else, it's a distraction to help you pass the time. And it'll look good on your resume.
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  • Agape93
    Suck it up kid. At least you're alive, more than 637,000 other Americans can say.