The pros and cons of having a high IQ


Honestly having an IQ of 140 has many perks and I'm not going to lie about it. I've acquired an in-depth insight into the world around me and can show off my talents during pub quizzes. In my take I will dig into the pros and cons of being a high IQ individual.


1. Cognitive capital in a knowledge based economy: The ability to learn complex patterns plays a crucial role in our knowledge based economy. As a former Investment Banker I could solve new problems with confidence and adapt to new technology and trends quickly.

2. Overcoming attention disorders: I was able to remain laser focused through an 8 hour workday and detach myself from irrelevant distractions. This meant that I was highly productive while working.

3. A high paying job: Most high paying jobs require a high level of intelligence and experience. Common examples include surgeons, IT professionals and bankers.


1. Complacency: You put no effort into a difficult task at all. While this may seem appealing to many this has been a bad habit for me. Often I'll review my material 1 hour before my exam and still ace it. Your not used to challenges in regards to solving difficult problems which occasionally come up. People with an average IQ are used to the challenges life brings.

2. Sleepless nights: I find myself unable to sleep due to the fact that I analyze every word of a specific conversation in the past and assess future outcomes in regards to global politics and panic.

Inside the brain of a genius
Inside the brain of a genius
The pros and cons of having a high IQ
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