Working Remotely & Internationally

Working Remotely & Internationally

Sometimes very tiny misunderstandings can set you up for failure. This is a Mytake accounting 3 aspects of my experiences working remote internationally, and methods to ensure accuracy or simply to help you prepare.

TIME ZONES: ⏳⌚⏰⏱⏲🕰

1) Ensure which time zone hours they refer to. Is Eastern Time another way of saying Eastern Standard Time? I thought so at first but it is NOT. To make it worse, when I typed ET into the search engine, only results for EST came up; this made me want to assume that ET and EST were synonyms. But, I was still skeptical, thankfully, so I double-checked on one of the trusted websites where EST showed up as a result, I searched directly on that same website for ET and saw it was different.

2) Most people would know that you should never read one article on an important topic, no matter how much in a rush you are. If you didn't know, now you do.

3) I found this cool website that might come in handy if you are dealing with more than one foreign client at the same time.

CVs/ RESUMES: 📃📰📑📄📃

One CV simply will not do.

1) A CV should either have a photo or not have one. Discrimination Laws in certain countries sort of "forbid" Cvs with photos, and in other countries, CVs without photos won't be considered.

2) Researching each country you are interested in working with and classifying them into groups can make things easy for the future. Some websites already group them for you. What to research? : How many personal details to add about yourself. Also, in Foreign-speaking countries, check to see if CVs require a permission clause (this clause can be copy and pasted into your CV).


To save you time, research some of the popular payment options to see if they work with your country of residence. You would also want to decide if the option is cost-effective. For example, sometimes your country of residence will charge you a large sum in order for you to receive foreign currency by bank transfer. You may also have an additional conversion fee. It depends whether the company is sending it in your local currency(not likely) or not.

Working Remotely & Internationally
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