UK school punishment had you go barefoot or stripped?

So, this boy kicked me so I kicked him back, he snitched on me, then I remember my headteacher come in and pin me down with other teachers and forcefully removed one shoe, I kicked him in the face and took both my shoes off, he then went to the top of my sock and said "Carry on and I'll keep taking clothing off" so I then punched him, he took my socks off, I punched him again, he took my socks off. He said "he would get girls in to take off my clothes if I puched him again", so I punched him thinking he would not, all the teachers left and 5 girls came in, I had put my socks and shoes and by then, they then removed everything, my socks, shoes, shirt, pants, and underwear, they gave me shirt, pants, underwear back but I had to go without socks or shoes for the rest of the school week, as they'd remove them when I walked in, anyone else had this? this was while the whole school was watching (pretty much)
UK school punishment had you go barefoot or stripped?
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