Why is my Boss Competing with me?

I’m a woman and a Mechanic. I’m a lower level mechanic learning more complicated tasks other than lube and etc... I was hired as a Level C but there is a lower level than me.
My boss said he started at the lowest level. He always goes on and on to me about how much he knows about cars. He tries to do my work for me and don’t trust me with nothing so I started to tell him I know how to do an inspection or fix this already because this isn’t my first job. He gets really upset and as a mechanic trying to learn more complicated tasks I don’t want to be taught all over again how to do brakes...
so I’m using this loud machine and I can hear him yell so I can here “ I know how to do this from experience?”
Like dude who cares? go be a boss, if you wanted to be a tech you should’ve stayed one! He is always squinting his eyes and treating me suspiciously even though I’ve never given him a reason and the guy who is lower than me sometimes does the work I do but he doesn’t question him...
Why is my Boss Competing with me?
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