Should I quit my job or am I overreacting?

So basically I've been working 6 days a week, I'm scheduled for 5 but my manager calls me in at least once a week because "X called out/got sick and we need help". We recently stopped a portion of our services again due to the pandemic and I was told I'd be working only 4 days a week (which I was happy to hear because prior I worked 6 days a week, every week).

My manager was supposed to give me today off but he texted me saying they may need help and to come in at 1pm. He said "If we don't need the help then I'll text/call you back" (keep in mind he sent me this text at 9:45 and I didn't see it till 12 so I showed up because he didn't text me back). He wants to act surprised I expect a replacement day off and thinks it's my fault for showing up.
I feel like my reliability is starting to become a liability but I'm not sure if this is a normal feeling or not.
I feel like my working schedule is extremely toxic right now and I'm thinking about quitting. I feel like if I don't quit then I'm going to really need to hammer in that I'm not working more than 5 days a week starting with the new year. I barely get 5 hours of sleep at night because I have trouble sleeping between midnight and 4am (and by trouble I mean it feels impossible). So am I overreacting?
Should I quit my job or am I overreacting?
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