How do people have “dreams” and “aspirations” and do shit with their lives?

In regards to my last question about why women would want to work when they don’t have to y’all answered it like a bunch of kids saying what you want to be when you grow up.

I’m an adult and part of being an adult is knowing work sucks. People with “dream jobs” are very few and far between. The rest of us have to work like dogs just for a few bucks so we don’t starve. It’s painful, it’s dirty, and it’s degrading.

I can’t afford college. I can barely afford gas to get to work. I can’t invest in a future I have to invest in today.

I wanna know what rich ass 2 story home having family you come from to think you can be whatever you want to be. I grew up in a trailer in Tennessee with divorced parents and a drug addict father. I’m transgender I get discriminated against literally everywhere I go. My choices are a shit job in a factory or a shit job at McDonald’s.

So tell me more about how I can just choose to run a business or pay for college to become a doctor or be a fucking astronaut if I want to.
How do people have “dreams” and “aspirations” and do shit with their lives?
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