Why does my manager put me down?

So I have been working in a new job, and I’ve been there for almost 2 months now. Everyone at work I get on really well with and have positive working relationships with colleagues. Except my manager. She always points out all my mistakes and flaws and never says a nice thing about my work. When she was training me on the job, she kept pointing out that I was incompetent and couldn’t work my job. I went on live at one point to work with people after my training and she face palmed me to suggest I was failing. Now I’m on the real job, and she keeps saying things which make me doubt my performance. The other day I dealt with a safeguarding query and tried to do the best job I could. Instead she just said to me “I don’t want anymore disasters from you today” and then she proceeded to “joke” about me being stupid and making mistakes, which made me feel uncomfortable and bad about myself

I’ve also found that I tend to walk on eggshells around her, as she’s never once said a nice thing about my work or complimented my work, she only ever tells me when I’ve made a mistake or failed at something. I feel very stupid around her as nothing I ever do seems to be right

why does she put down my intelligence?
Why does my manager put me down?
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