How to get into math honours?

Today course verification forms were sent out, and I found out I didn't get accepted into math honours. I didn't take math honours this year because I was very busy with harmony and counterpoint. I need advice on how to get into math honours.

There's a waterloo math contest coming up, and if I can score top 30 (in my grade) I'm guaranteed a spot in math honours next year. However, I may not be able to get top 30 depending on how smart other people in my grade are. I'm not really sure. I'm really disappointed because if I can't take honours next year then there is 0% chance I can take AP calculus. As for how smart I am, I got a better score on last year's waterloo math contest than some people in math honours. I'm not a genius, but I think I deserve a spot more than some of the people who got in. I think the 2 main reasons I didn't get in are:
1. I didn't take math honours this year
2. My math teacher is not actually a math teacher, just a PE teacher who is decent at math. (There was a teacher shortage)

I'm a motivated student who truly wants to learn. Most people could become really good at math if they were taught more. That's why I think I should be in math honours. I know it'll be hard, but I will do my best.

Please give advice!
How to get into math honours?
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