What is it like attending a private Christian school?

I have applied to a Christian college nearby and they're very much strict compared to even some high schools. I applied because I want to continue my educational experience and I want to try something new.

I got expelled from my last college (a public one) because of my mischief toward a professor, but I have overcome my mistakes and attitude and I want to make new friends. I am also not a fan of the professors from my last college.
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What I find ridiculous is the strict rule stating that you can't even use God's name casually. SERIOUSLY? What determines as such, saying "Thank God!" or "Oh my God?" Those terms are even used in most kids' shows.

If it is "goddamn" then *YES* I could understand that one because most Christians only want to see the separation of God and damnation, plus only God can judge, but EVEN THEN many Christians tend to take the notion of "swear words" too literally.
What is it like attending a private Christian school?
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