What defines a successful woman?

What defines a successful woman?
Jordan Peterson said, “I've worked very intensely with a large population of female lawyers, usually partners at large law firms very successful women, usually very attractive, very intelligent, and extraordinarily conscientious. The sort of people who were outstanding in high school and then outstanding as undergraduates and then aced law school and then did their articling perfectly and then became associates and then eventually entered the partner stream in the large law firm and then became partners.

“A huge proportion of them wake up somewhere between 30 and 32 and notice their 65 hour days and the incredibly competitive environment they happen to be. I mean they're going to make a lot of money but the demands on their time of their career are only going to accelerate as they move forward and decide quite rapidly that that's maybe not what they want.

“The reason for that is they also would like to have a life they'd like to have a relationship that they could attend to and they'd like to have children and the truth of the simple truth of the matter is that it's very difficult to have a truly high end career and have an important relationship and have children.”

I am very smart. I know I can be a successful lawyer and make a lot of money. However, I don't want to be 30 with a high income and discover that I want a life. Therefore, considering the foregoing, I want to be a housewife and mother. If that defines success, that is the success I want. My husband can earn the money. I will do the cooking, cleaning, child care, and other household duties so when he comes home, he can relax and be comfortable. I'll be happy and eager to please him and satisfy his needs and desires.

Furthermore, if being a housewife and mother defines success, I believe men like successful women.
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Enter college at age 16, graduate by age 20 with a liberal arts degree, be married by age 22, and be a mother before age 24.
What defines a successful woman?
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