Am I Hired to the Job?


Note: This is same company but different department.

I had a final interview two days ago, and I was honest about everything including that my supervisor didn't know about my application.

The next day of my interview, the other department reached out to my supervisor, and my supervisor was shocked and asked them how come they interviewed me without his permission. The other department said, I was asked to be immediately interviewed.

I apologized to my supervisor and told him that I didn't tell him yet because I am not yet sure if I passed the other department, and I believe that the other department is more related to my past experience. He said, I won't stop you from transferring to other department if you don't like it here. I wish you pass the interview.

My question is, am I hired because the other department reach out to my supervisor?

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No, you are not
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1 y
For now, I didn't get feedback from final interview.
Am I Hired to the Job?
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