How to deal with rude coworkers?


I have a job where my female coworkers have formed their own clique. Despite my efforts to be friendly, they consistently ignore me and talk negatively about me. Whenever they invite me to hang out outside of work, I decline or make up an excuse. I've noticed that they also talk badly about each other. One of our coworkers quit because of this toxic environment, and another coworker brushed it off by saying, "it's literally high school, what did he expect?". We're all in college, so this behavior is unacceptable.

I share some details about my personal life with my coworkers, such as being a party girl and giving each other advice on boys. However, I don't reveal much else unless they ask. To manage my anxiety and depression, I sometimes show up to work after using marijuana. This helps me be more efficient and is purely for mental health purposes. It's worth noting that everyone at my job smokes weed.

There's one coworker who claims to be broke but brags loudly and is obnoxious. She's also the main person who talks behind people's backs. Looking at their social media, I noticed that none of them are popular. I suspect that they resent girls like me who have friends outside of work. Customers have even approached me and called them out for being rude.

We have a male coworker who is the only straight guy in our group. Despite making mistakes, our female coworkers are always nice to him and laugh it off. However, if a girl makes a mistake, they attack her. The male coworker and I get along because we both use marijuana. However, he's been ignoring me lately, and I don't know if it's because I mentioned having a boyfriend or if he dislikes me for another reason.

How to deal with rude coworkers?
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