5 things I feel Marvel Cinematic universe needs to do as DC is about to make some noise

5. They need to get serious.

They need to be less jokey. Every Marvel movie has had there jokes which has been okay. However, the jokes make the movie less serious. By now I want a serious movie.

For example: In the movie TTDW. Thor is in a serious battle with Melekith. Then all of a sudden THOR is taking a subway train back to the fight.

5 things I feel Marvel Cinematic universe needs to do as DC is about to make some noise.

4. Villians need to get mean and nasty.

Exception of really Loki. Most of the villians have failed to live up to their comic counterpart. Its good to see them on the screen but what good is it if they are being foolish than menacing.

Example: Ultron had potential but did not meet up with his comic counterpart. I felt he was down graded. He was decent but didn't make an impact. In my opinion he had emotions which kind of bothered me.

3. Stop Killing Villians.

In my opinon I hate to see a well known villians like Ronan die. He is an important villian in the comics. He's super powerful and to see him have a subpar role and then die bugs me. I love to see villians reoccur in the films. I know you can't keep every villian alive all the time, but still... cool villians should get at least multiple appearences before dying.

5 things I feel Marvel Cinematic universe needs to do as DC is about to make some noise

2. No more cutting to have a generic film.

I felt Age of Ultron was amazing but at the same time there was a lot of things cut out. AOU for a blockbuster was a generic film. There wasn't that much depth. One thing that bugged me was how fast Ultron just started talking and then popped out of nowhere. I would have liked it better to see a smooth tranistion of Ultron becoming Ultron than having him just randomly pop up without any suspense.

I was puzzled that they cut out having the Avengers being reunited with eachother in AOU. The movie starts and their all together with no explination how. Many cut scenes maybe in the deleted scenes but that's like buying a car in pieces.

I love the THOR films. They had the most potential out of any of the MCU films to be indepth and dramatic. To me THOR films can fit into any genre. Although, they've fallen flat based on expectations. Too much humour, cutting, earth scenes have killed the THOR franchize.

Bascially all the MCU feel the same in exceptions for Cap 2 which really wasn't about saving the day.

1. Don't dismiss the original 4 too quickly.

I don't mind them going they're seprate ways but not yet. I feel its to fast to have them finally getting use to eachother with in 2-3 movies to then have them die off or run away. In Avengers 2 Cap, Odinson and Stark had established a great rapport. Now all of a sudden they're going to be seperating.

I want the original 4 to fight along with each other aginst a few more popular villians before moving on. The original 4 are the Avengers and to have them move on so quickly will not seem right for me.

5 things I feel Marvel Cinematic universe needs to do as DC is about to make some noise

In conclusion...

I've still have enjoyed the MCU despite a few flaws. I hope phase 3 will be a major step up before DC resurrects from the dead.


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  • the best marvel one that came out recently was cap america 2 it was suprisingly good and i dont even like cap

  • Villains need to kick more ass


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