The wonders of classical music

My knowledge might not be impressive nor extended, but I'd like to share my passion for classical music with a few of my favorite examples - just to go through the day feeling light and let your mind travel through the chords.

Side note: you might notice that my preference is towards solos.

First off, I'd like to share my favorite composer to play, who always takes my breath away and make my mind rediscover itself:

And a piece of my favorite composer, who will make us believe Romantism is still hidden under every persona:

Maybe a Villa Lobos masterpiece that will awake something special in your heart:

Or this prelude that stole our tears in "The Notebook":

And here's my personal favorite music scene of all times:

As a closure, at least one non-solo piece that feels like a nostalgic smile to me:

These are my favorite classical music, that always give me an amazing and inspiring feeling. What are yours?

Side note 2: This is my first myTake, so please understand if I did some major mistake, and let me know!


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  • To this list I'll add:
    Carl Orff's Fortune Plango Vulnera from Carmina Burana

    G. F. Handel's Harp Concerto in B flat, 1st movement. This piece made an appearance in the movie The Money Pit. I actually tried learning this on the piano but never finished what I started (sigh).

    Holst's Venus from The Planets. I remember listening to this as I took a walk under the giant Sequoias on a foggy morning.

    • And PoeticMemory, Satie's Gymnopedie is what my wife first played on my piano the first time she came over to my place. I cannot listen to it without feeling loss (and it's melancholy enough without the memories, isn't it?)

      I didn't know that Chopin's prelude in E minor was in the Notebook. I play that piece, and now it makes sense why my female coworkers request I play it again and again.

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  • Good take.
    Now while Im not a huge fan of classical music I am trained in piano and thats mainly what I like in the classical section. I like piano music and some string pieces.


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  • Honestly, being a multi instrumental and multi genre musician (piano, guitar and drums), i can honestly say that classical music is by far the most beautiful genre of music there's been. Being a classically trained pianist, the difficulty and advanced abilities that you need to play and master a classical instrument is out of the league of contemporary music by a million.

    If you really observe the grandest pieces written by these classical giants, you will begin to see and feel something that is unattainable from other types of music. There is so much about classical music to sink your teeth into and to really indulge in but i must say that it requires a certain amount of intellect to do so. Classical music is an intellectual genre of music.

    All the feels, all the science of music, lies within classical music.

    My top masterpieces are as follows:

    Solo: Tarantella - Franz Liszt (truly magnificent piece)

    Concerto: Concerto in A minor Op 16 - Edvard Grieg

  • I don't get why people hate classical music. It's beautiful quite often, and while I generally enjoy neo-classical a little more, there's still some fantastic classical work. Erik Satie is a favourite of mine too.

  • Good stuff. Here's one of my own personal favourites that isn't all that well-known:

    A little more melancholic than inspiring, but hey, who doesn't like a bit of melancholy?

  • Chopin is my favourite composer.
    I recently started listening to Schubert and Liszt

  • I'm glad to see that many people here (unlike where I live) realize that liking classical music is NOT GAY!
    My three favourite pieces are:
    The Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saëns
    Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel
    Air on the G string by Johann Sebastian Bach

    • I like Saint-Saens' The Swan, but the Aquarium is pretty awesome.

      You ought to listen to Jacques Loussier's jazz interpretation of Pachelbel's Canon.

    • Did people really call you 'gay' for liking classical music?

      ignorant immature things.

    • It's pretty gay.

  • Nice take! I'm a big fan of classical music too but lately I've looking at a mixture of classical and modern music... I really like listening to "The Piano Guys" here's their latest work

  • Don't forget the second movement of the Rach 2 concerto!

  • Classical music is really interesting actually.
    I heard if you let cows and plants hear classical music, they will produce more milk and grow faster.

    It even seems to work with water! If you speak positive words, let the water 'hear' positive sound/music (classical) etc. really beautiful ice crystals will form. If you say hateful things to water, really weird and very asymetrical ice 'crystals' will form. They don't look beautiful at all:

  • Classical Music...

    You can't dance to it without looking like a knob, you can't fuck to it without being bored to death, you can't get pumped to it without you being a doctor, and you can't look like anything but a pompous snob when discussing it.

    Proper stoked to listen to Medelssohn violin concerto in E minor and clap at the end instead of listening to summat like Hideaway from Kezia and dance.

    • You can fuck to bay-toe-van
      You just have to add Fergie to the mix

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    • @Bards every time I pleasure grunt he will do a backup vocal like "ungh" "yeah" "c'mon" it will be bliss.

    • Oh my god the very thought makes me secrete fluids

  • Bookmarked! Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  • Respect u love classics

  • I don't really have favorites, it all depends on my mood. I like a lot of early music.

    Also Baroque, especially french Baroque

    Almost anything classical and a good deal of Romantic and post romantic.

    • Do you know Couperin's Barricades Mysterieuses?

    • I've got it on piano, I really need to find a good harpsichord version.

    • @Bluemax

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  • Everyone here with their fancy doo daads and I'm here like uncultured swine


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