Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

Yesterday and the day before, I actually saw a few questions on relating to classical music, so I figured I'd share a few of my own.

Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

Now all of these songs are soundtracks from games. Don't be discouraged though, as the soundtracks played from the game are direct references to the setting of the scene of the game, making the soundtracks just as realistic as real classical music.. it's simply made for the games. That being said, you probably won't be familiar with the titles of the songs either.

Organization XIII

Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

This song is only played during darker scenes in said game. I recommend listening to this song only if you're having a slow or sad day, because this song really ups the mystery.

It's all piano, too.. for piano lovers:


Picture Perfect

This song features violin and piano.. you'd only want to listen to this song if you're feeling negatively emotional in any way, such as during grief. It's pretty soft, so you're probably going to find it boring if you listen to it while you're excited. It's actually played multiple times, but every time during frantic episodes of paintings and dangerously huge and pointy pencils.


When The Wind Blows

Of course, you will hear a variety of different instruments including the winds and violin. Very soothing song, and it intensifies as it progresses. This song was played during the midst of the wind, therefore probably requiring instruments requiring it.


Dolphin Shoals
Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

This is pretty much all saxophone, and it has a very nice light to it. It's played during a sunny day of racing after exiting the water of a nearby cave. Listen to this when you're feeling good!


Puffroad Peaks

This is actually my go-to song sometimes if I'm feeling sleepy. It's only played when you're up in more of cloudy or snowy areas, so you're going to get a really soft-toned feeling to this song. Try listening if you're feeling calmed, or sleepy of course.


A Fight To The Death

You may only want to play this song if you're feeling somewhat of excited, and it intensifies quite a bit. Featuring piano once again along with another variety of unknown instruments, you may actually like this song if not the others. It's played during a fight to the death of course, so it's going to need to be intense.


Lazy Afternoons

Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

This is honestly the most soothing video game soundtrack that I have ever listened to. It is played only during the afternoon, and during hefty chill time with friends. You will hear guitar, and strings. The song does intensify, but only because gets more and more soothing as you go along. It seems to have deep emotions behind the song itself..


And this had been a few classical music selections taken only from older video games.

I really hope you enjoy.

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  • thank you so much

    My favorite

    A Fight To The Death

  • Wut? Classical music exist till date -.-

  • Thank you!

  • Soundtracks from games?

    • That is correct! If I hadn't told you though, you probably wouldn't have known lol.

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