Favorite Weezer Songs

Favorite Weezer Songs

I love Weezer, they are one of my favorite bands. So, I thought I would share that love with you and list some of my favorite songs of theirs. Please feel to list your favorite songs of theirs, as well.

1. Beverly Hills (Year 2005 )

2. The Good Life (Year 1996 )

3. El Scorcho ( Year 1996 )

4. (If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To (Year 2009 )

5. Buddy Holly (Year 1994 )

6. Undone (The Sweater Song) (Year 1994 )

7. Say It Ain't So (Year 1994 )

8. Hash Pipe (Year 2001 )

9. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Year 2008 )

10. I'm Your Daddy (Year 2009 )

11. Pork & Beans (Year 2008 )

12. We Are All On Drugs (Year 2005 )

That concludes my list of favorite Weezer songs, thank you for reading :)

Favorite Weezer Songs

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  • I guess Island in the sun...
    But there was this one that I loved! But I never knew the name of it. :(

    • Do you know any of the words to it? I have a good memory, maybe I'd recognize it and help you figure out what song it is.

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    • Okay, if any words come to mind though let me know and try and help you find the song.

  • one of weezers songs I like is called back to the shack


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