Interesting facts about my favorite song Lili Marleen

For those that don't know, Lili Marleen is a German love song that was composed by Norbert Schultze while the lyrics were written by Hans Leip.

"Underneath the lantern by the barrack gate, darling I remember the way you used to wait"-Lili Marleen

1.) Lili Marleen has a very beautiful melody: If there is song that I can listen to without getting tired of it, it's Lili Marleen. The melody is so peaceful and pleasing to hear.

Interesting facts about my favorite song Lili Marleen

2.)It's lyrics are so emotional: The lyrics itself get me emotional, they are one of the reasons why this song was so popular.

"My Lili of the Lamplight, my own Lili Marleen"-Lili Marleen

3.) The lyrics and the melody combined bring me tears: The first time I listened to this song, I admit that that I cried. It's one of those songs that gets me right in the feels.

Interesting facts about my favorite song Lili Marleen

4.)It makes a good military march: This song aside from being a love song, it can also be a military march.

5.)It's said that it temporarily stopped battles during WWII: People say that this song has so much power that when it was played on loudspeakers in the midst of battles during WWII, both sides would temporarily stop fighting to listen to Lili Marleen.

6.)Some people call it a "anti war song": They might right, since the lyrics talk about a soldier who doesn't want to go to war, he wants to stay with the love of his life, "Lili Marleen".

Interesting facts about my favorite song Lili Marleen

7.) This song used to be so popular that it has some monuments dedicated to it: The monuments I'm talking about are statues, especially the statue of Lale Andersen, the original singer of Lili Marleen.

Interesting facts about my favorite song Lili Marleen

8.)It's still popular, since it's still performed by various musicians: Andre Rieu performs Lili Marleen in some of his concerts. Adrienne Haan is another person who keeps the song alive.

9.)It was popular amongst both allied and axis soldiers: Soldiers on all fronts were very fond of this song, they had female singers sing it. Such as Lale Anderson, Marlene Dietrich, Vera Lynn etc.

10.)It has been translated into various languages: Originally it was in German because it originated in Germany. However, during WWII and years after WWII it was translated into various languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, French, Italian, Portugese etc. However, most of it's popularity is still in Germany.

These are some interesting facts about Lili Marleen. This song is the song I listen to when I'm sad or irritated. It eases my tension. I often sing this song in English and in German when I'm by myself.

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  • I suppose everyone has an older song that affects them in some emotional way. One of my favorites of songs that were popular around the time of my birth is this:

  • I like the melody too but I don't like the lyrics.


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