Movie Tie In and Original Books

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I'm going to explain about the differences of Movie tie in book and original books.

So, I went to a bookstore yesterday to buy Paper Towns by John Green. Since I couldn't find the book, I asked the store keeper and he gave me two editions, the movie tie in and original book. I never notice before about movie tie in and original. I just thought that the book with the movie cover was published recently.

I think this is a good information if you're into reading so much, and I'm so glad the store keeper told me and heal me of my blindness.

Let me get it straight for you.

Movie Tie In Books

1. The cover is based on the Movie
If you love the movie and the actor so much, you would love this edition.

2. There are additions from the movie on the book
The book might include Cast interviews or some pictures from the movie scene.

3. They might change the story
This is rarely happen. Usually they just change the covers, and the story or details stick to the original.

I honestly haven't find a movie tie in book with different details and story with the original.
I bought some Movie tie in books, Unbroken, Carrie, Traveling to Infinity, Railway Man, Something Borrowed. These are the examples of Movie tie in books that only change the cover only.
But, I do bought Love, Rosie Movie tie in book by Cecilia Ahern. The story in the book is different with the movie, but they change the cover and the title. The original title was Where Rainbows end.

From my research, the movie tie in is not changing the story, if it changes the story according to the movie, it will be called Movie Novelization.Movie Tie In and Original Books

Original Books

However, I do comfortable with some of movie tie in books but I might prefer the original books. They cost more expensive than the movie tie in sometimes.
Ex. Paper Towns original books is 135K and the Movie Tie In is 98K.

I prefer to read it as it is, before the movie and before the casts.

But overall, Movie tie in books are not really bad at all. But please do check before buying if it's any differences between the Movie Tie in and original.

Movie Tie In and Original Books


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