Three Netflix Movies you should really watch (THE SEQUEL!)

I guess since my other myTake (Three Shows I Would Recommend Getting into on Netflix) did okay, I decided to make another! This one for movies! These are only movies I've watched, but they were all incredible movies and I highly recommend you watch every single one of them!

Forrest Gump

Three Netflix Movies you should really watch (THE SEQUEL!)

If you're looking for a movie to give you the feels, this is the one for you! Probably my favorite movie I've ever watched on Netflix. It's an incredible performance by Tom Hanks as he guides us through his life's journey, full of surprises at every corner. Once again, no spoilers! If you want to be attached to a movie character, or a movie itself, this is the movie! All I can say, is "Run Forrest, Run!" And: "Watch, GAGers, watch!"

Black Hawk Down

Three Netflix Movies you should really watch (THE SEQUEL!)

Another famous Ridley Scott film, this time he takes us through the true story of a team of soldiers determined to rescue a pair of fallen pilots, and a gunner, in their incapactitated helicopter, a Black Hawk. An extraordinary film of courage, a test of wills, and overall an enlightening watch. Beware: BLOOD. There WILL be blood! If you like war movies, you're certain to like this one!

The Admiral: Roaring Currents

Three Netflix Movies you should really watch (THE SEQUEL!)

Once again, I feel I must give credit to a slightly more unknown work. Last time it was the 4400, this time it's the Admiral. First of all, let me warn you: it's foreign, but WAIT! This movie is filled with drama, action and suspense! Also, I loved the acting! Throughout this movie there were displays of miltary courage, combat and strategy during the 16th century, when the Japanese Navy clashed with the legendary admiral Yi Sun-Sin, and with a small fraction size of invading force to the Japanese, the Admiral must take on the Japanese to save his people, in one final battle, to decide the fate of Southeastern Asia.

Thank you for reading. I loved all these movies, and please, feel free to offer feedback on them, and share your own favorite movies!


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