Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films

Films of mystery, fantasy and horror elements in the foreign cinema (Spanish, German and Italian):

La cara oculta {2011}

"The Hidden Face"
A brilliant mystery thriller centered on a Spanish orchestra conductor who deals with the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend.

Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films

Wir sind die Nacht {2010}

"We Are the Night"
In Berlin, a vampire trio who just took in a new member is being 'hunted' by a cop due to the new member's past.

Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films

Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films


[Rec] 2

[Rec]: Génesis

All Spanish horror movies in which we follow character's lives amidst a zombie virus outbreak.

Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films

La vita è bella {1997}

"Life Is Beautiful"

Honorable mention:
(since it's not in the same genre; a drama with comedic elements)

This is a must see!

When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp.

Mysteriously Fantastical Foreign Films

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  • As foreign films, I'd recommend also some Brazilian films like Tropa de Elite and Tropa de Elite 2 (Elite Squad and Elite Squad 2), they're two amazing films showing the reality of drug dealing in Rio de Janeiro. I'd also recomment three comedies: Até Que a Sorte nos Separe, Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2 (Until luck break us apart) and O Candidato Honesto (The Honest Candidate).

    There is also one Turkish film that's amazing. It's called Fetih 1453. Oh, and a Serbian film called Šišanje (Skinning). I thought it was really good too.

    Here's Elite Squad 1, the full film with English Subtitles:


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  • The Japanese and Koreans do that kind of movie much, much better than anyone else.

    The best foreign language film I've seen semi-recently was "Miasto 44" (aka "Warsaw 44") - a surprisingly brutal Polish war movie set during the Warsaw uprising in WW2, with a bit of romance thrown in as well.

    • I always seem to forget about those movies. O. o I think it's because I don't understand a word of those languages. But good catch. Thank you for the suggestions. 😃

  • Wow, i really loved "La vita è bella" - i remember seeing it years ago. Amazing movie

    Think i must watch it again :) Thank you for the list

  • OMG La vita è bella <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    I agree with @sketchy. Japanese make better fantasy, horror while Koreans make better thrillers. Also, they're better at making slice of life.

    Among these I'm interested in watching La cara oculta.

  • ' Matica Hrvatska':

    Check out some Aussie films, they are very under rated

    • I've seen some, but they're still English speaking ones...
      This was a take on the non English speaking ones only. =)

    • My apologies, you should have included some films from the Balkans. Their film industry has some good ones as well :)

  • Assim Assim, 2012 portuguese movie. Beautifully screened to show the almost crossing paths of two characters that could have easily got together, also tricking the viewer thoughts. It has some light talk followed by some deep life reflexions

    • Sorry... just not in the same genre I was talking about.
      But thank you for the suggestion.

    • Oh sh**, just read the title and the movie sugestions, didn't read the 1st line :X big outsider then

  • Just know the movie La Vita Bella and that's one of my favourite movies

    I like the movies by Emir Kusturica.

    If you like foreign movies try some dutch movies too

    • I will. =)
      Any suggestions?

      by the way., where are you from? I don't think I know.

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    • Haha I mislim da sam znala, ali pomiješala s drugim korisnicima na stranici. =)
      I like watching almost anything. Mostly good psychological thrillers, not gory but psychological horrors, fantasy, comedies... ^-^

    • Ja razumijem, imam isto problema

      It is an old movie but Amsterdamned is a good triller I think! Turks fruit (turkish delight) is also a very wellknown movie but also an oldy. A very populair movies for the ladies is "Gooische vrouwen"

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