Kygo Appreciation

Kygo is one of the few artists that can make song after song and I love them all. Their songs are soothing, yet they make you feel alive and take you away to another place in your mind. I get a tingly feeling in my stomach whenever one of their songs starts, purely for the anticipation of a good song. I feel their music isn't appreciated and would like to dedicate this take to just Kygo's music. Enjoy! :)

Their newest release

A great remix!

Change the speed to 1.25 for a more upbeat version

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  • Never heard of him before. I will be looking into him for sure. Thank you!


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  • Kygo is my future husband. I love him and his music.

  • Kyrre (Kygo) is an incredibly talented young lad, he needs more exposure. Everyone should know about his music, its chill and all around awesome.


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