The not so official guide, on how to survive in a horror film

Things I have noticed in horror films is that certain types of people die or survive by saying certain things or doing certain things or fitting some kind of character in a movie. If you find yourself stuck in a horror film here are some tips to survive.

Disclaimer: you may not survive lol (good luck)

The not so official guide, on how to survive in a horror film

1. Do not take a shower alone at night

Ifyour first thought after hearing there is serial killer out on the loose, is to go take a shower with all the lights off in your house you will die.

2. Don't joke around and be a jerk or have sex

I'm hoping this one speaks for itself. If you want to survive don't get distracted

3. Listen to warnings and legends

No matter how creepy or unpopular that person may be, they are foreshadowing things to come.

4. Do your research

Usually the character who takes time to do research survives the movie

5. If you think you hear something, do not dismiss it as just a cat or think someone is joking.

Take it seriously, and don't say anything to piss them off even if it is a friend pulling a prank. Usually the most annoying character in a scary movie dies.

6. Do not investigate

Do not go into an empty dark house or seek refuge in the woods. The killer in the movie knows this territory. Most likely those places are where he/she grew up

7. If you are in a Horror mystery movie do not be anywhere alone with the handsome charming guy

He is most likely the killer in the movie

8. Always have some matches and fuel ready

In horror movies usually the character that survives ends the movie by setting the place on fire or knowing how to explode something.


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  • 9. If you're with a bunch of people don't each wander off by yourself


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  • Mhhm. If one person goes missing and you want to go find them take the entire group with you. Or don't go at all... But that's kinda fucked up to just forget about that person.. One man for himself? D:


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  • And prepare ur salt and holy water and ACDC music 😎😎


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  • The photos alone were enough for me 😱😵😱😵

  • This is why I would make the perfect serial killer, rarely do people follow that advice :D