George Lucas revealed his break up with Star Wars & Disney

George Lucas is one of my idols. It is the man who introduced me to a world of fantasy and filmmaking where everything is possible. It is the man who gave form to most of my childhood. It is the man who started a simple tale of good versus evil and eventually created a worldwide phenomenon!

George Lucas revealed his break up with Star Wars & Disney

And I can honestly say, I feel so sorry for him. He actually was forced to not be able to do what he wants with his own creation. Anyone who's interested, heard the rumors that he had little involvement with Episode 7 but with in his last statement in Vanity Fair and CBS it was clear that he was not welcome in Disney.

You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized.

Lucas would not have liked to be under Disney's control since he likes to be independent or the guy in charge and he did make plans for a sequel trilogy ahead of schedule. Well, Disney threw all his stories in the trash, so it is obvious he was forced to quit.

I personally, love what he did with the Prequels and "The Clone Wars". I can only say ''thank you'' again and again to this great man who created what Hollywood is today!

I think it is not just the haters, but seeing some of these jerks direct so much hate his way - from the nobodies to the famous jerks like Simon Pegg - I do see that they were a factor. It was just partially the haters, but maybe it was also combined with the lack of control over the future of his creation. Disney kicking out Lucas would look bad in the press so yeah, let's agree that he left by choice. It sounds nicer.

People try to make decisions about what you're going to do before you do it. It's not much fun. You can't experiment. You have to do it a certain way.

''You have to do it a certain way''. That's what most of the haters say too. Well, you have to do it a certain way if you only think about making money, like Disney does. Lucas has no need for money. He already got enough for him and even his grandchildren. He want's to do what he likes!

That being said, I once again want to thank this great man for what he has given us durign the time he was in charge of "Star Wars". I don't hate George Lucas. I hate Disney!


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  • While I like the guy and am grateful that he brought some of my favorite entertainment. His interview about this really turned me off from him. He comes off as a bitter, fan resenting jackass and to me explains why the latest star wars movies were more hack than entertainment. I'm glad to see he is moving on, the property needs a fresh look and I'm eager to see what jj brings to the series.


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