7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

I think we've finally reached a point where playing Nsync/Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls records are more pathetic than nostalgic. Enter a brand new generation of tunes into the throwback music selection! Pop-Punk/Pop-Rock/Emo-Rock/Goth Rock...these hits go by many names but took over the youth radio stations for a quick minute in between Blink182 (I cannot hear All The Small Things at one more party) and the HipHop takeover. Most real rockers will shake their heads at this list as the sort of candy coated pop commercialism that not only put the final nail in the coffin of rock music but embarrased it as well. Regardless, if you're in your twenties...you'll probably remember one or two of these playing on many iPods.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

Cute Without the "E" - Taking Back Sunday

Most memorable line: "Why can't I feel anything from anyone other than you?"

TBS has not been looked back at favorably as a band of originality, but they certainly added a lot of hits to to the popunk genre in it's heyday. Cute Without the E is a good song for a party because it's so recognizable and fast paced that it's holds it's energy even after you've gotten over the "oh yeah I remember that one" feeling.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

Most memorable line: "Tonight we'll change our lives/ It's so good to be by your side"

Again, good energy with this one. It doesn't have that section that you speed up to because it's much more entertaining than the rest of the song, but it's pretty catchy throughout. Again, these songs are for a potential throwback party/whim while you're bored at home alone, not the best music of this genre ever made. Definitly a band that got a lot of attention back when Pete Wentz was still choking the life out of his balls in his girl jeans.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

Calling All Cars - Senses Fail

Most Memorable Line: "I am not the one that you should blame/ So take what I left you for the pain/ And do your best to forget my name."

Probably the only song a guy from this site has actually heard of from the list. Calling All Cars is pretty well respected who's ever even been a little bit into pop punk. It's got a heaviness that the others don't but is still in high supply of catchiness.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Most Memorable Line: "Do you feel like a man, when you push her around?/ Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?"

Easily the most depressing lyrically from the list, but actually the most "fun" to listen to. Even at a throwback party this song is sure to cockblock you as the girl you're making out with won't be able to help but jumping up screaming and dancing for. Basically, it's about some guy judging some other guy for beating the crap out of his girlfriend. Not sure if this actually helped any nice guy/frienzoned buddies actually get laid. Probably not.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

I Caught Fire -The Used

Most Memorable Line: "I'm melting in your eyes."

The most classic song that every girl who's of the right age whether happy or miserable/bipolar has heard multiple times on her ipod. Many guys enjoy it to though they'd rather die than admit it. I peronally found it whiny but I can't deny it's catchiness.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Most Memorable Line: Honestly, she'll know all the lines.

Effing Grey's Anatomy took it from us...but it was ours! IT WAS OURS!!! Chasing Cars is actually not that unique in the poppunk genre. The one thing those skinny guys did well was make whining sound deep and thoughtful. I'm tempted to say this isn't even poppunk lyrically, but ah well. There should be at least one slow song on this list.

7 Turn-up Throwback Songs for the Lost PopPunk Generation

Welcome To the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Most Memorable Line: We'll carry on!/ We'll carry on! x 1000000000000000000

Yes, I know it should have been "Helena." It pains me to add this but in the spirit of what would actually be played at a throwback party i think black Parade has to be included. Apparently, spoiled white girls who live better than 90% of the world have a hard time finding a way to "Carry on" from the hard terrible lives. You should also read an interview with the lead singer, he's actually a deep thoughtful guy despite selling out on this album.

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  • I still have most of these on my recently played playlists. Except The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I never liked them much. Lol I'm heavily embroiled in the nostalgia shit, it's pretty sad but I can't say I give many fucks.
    Also - I still play BSB often. :v It will NEVER get old. NEVER.


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  • FInally, something I agree on!

  • !!!
    :O This list is pretty much my life

    • lol the name !!!

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    • They were my fave in middle school, they still hold a special place in my heart but ever since the whole going more pop thing I feel theyve gone downhill

    • well wait why am i saying that Fall out boy will always be one of my favorite bands ever i probably should have included like "Dance, Dance" but I feel like they were there own thing at least to me

      Miss fat pat though

  • Welp... to YouTube, I go!

  • Pop Punk really peaked in my heydey. I'm not embarrassed to say I played plenty of Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Yellowcard!, etc. :)

    Pop music isn't the end of the world, if it's tight. Beatles and MJ were pop.


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