My Top 3 Must Watch Video Podcasts

Otherwise known as:

1. a podcast with video content.

I loooove, love, love watching podcasts. Especially when I find some that cover topics I'm interested about, or if the people in the podcast are entertaining for me to watch. It kills time when I'm bored and snowed in, or gives me noise to fall asleep to at night. While I don't have giant list of podcasts I tend to watch, I do have three that I tend to go to whenever I'm in a time of need.

Creature Talk is probably my number one. I'll always carve out a day in the week to watch, no matter what. They talk about video games, the industry, technology and more. I mostly watch because the guys are entertaining, though. Because a lot of the time they tend to go off topic and don't always cover what they'd planned to.

Which brings me to my second favorite podcast:

Off Topic is pretty much just that - an off topic podcast. They don't have a set list of things they plan to talk about. They sit down at a table, beer or assorted bevs in hand, and shoot the shit for an hour or two. Quite entertaining, good podcast to fall asleep to.

And within the same company as the Off Topic podcast, we have the RT Podcast. Another one of those podcasts that are great to fall asleep to, because it's a pretty chill stream with nothing too exceptional happening. Yet if you're awake enough, it definitely has the capability of capturing your attention.

Do you have any podcasts that you're a fan of watching / listening to?

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  • I guess you like to hear people shoot the breeze before you drift off - Never got into having music, TV, podcasts or Talk Radio on when I am falling asleep - I like to turn things over in my own head before falling asleep.


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