My creative frustration

I am creative, I have 100 ideas a day.

I love the arts, any form of art, writing, painting, drawing, photography, you name it. But I have one problem....

I am extremely untalented.

I was born with a creative mind with so many ideas to share with the world but I just can't get them down. I can't paint, I can't even draw and I can't take pretty pictures or write gripping novels and I certainly cannot write elaborate poetry. It's frustrating that the interesting things that go on inside my brain will never be shared with others or the good ideas I have can't be put down on a piece of paper and I have nothing to show people and watch their faces light up or hear them say "wow".

I'll just continue to enjoy what I enjoy and take comfort in the fact that world will keep spinning even if I can't draw a stick figure on a bicycle.

My creative frustration


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  • The be all end all solution shouldn't be to resign yourself to a life of mediocrity. You've stated your own problem... you have a 100 ideas, but you have yet to actually try them all, let alone write them down. Don't settle in life and don't use someone elses creativity and skill as reason you can't have your own and do your own thing. Until you've tried to do all the things floating around in your head, until you've made more effort other then just giving up on everything and deciding to 'just live,' you'll never know what or where your true creativity lies.


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