"Frankenstein" - a poem for bad guys

For all the badboys with good hearts they keep hidden that know they're doing it wrong...that know they're hurting others but can't seem...to stop...


You’re beautiful…

you’re ugly…

you’re lost…

I can’t see you.

Hold me and don’t let go

In the Abyss

off the Ship’s Deck

You watch me decend

Into the water

Into Nothing

Away. From you.

I want to do this over!

But I can’t

Everyone else will suffer for what I’ve done…

Except me

And that is the ultimate suffering

You’re laughing at me now

But I will never love you.

Until I bury you

It’s the Cold Winter

You will sink just like she did

I want to burn just like you were supposed to

I will see that moment until I die

In another fairytale

Where the heroes live

And The real Ugly die


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  • How long does it take you to finish one of these myTakes out of curiosity?

    • this particular one or any of them?

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    • Your Takes are pretty good compared to the others, if it takes you an average of 25 minutes then that's an easy win for you.

    • thanks man!