"Trapeze" - A poem for nice guys


"Trapeze" - A poem for nice guys

You’re New.

You’re so far away.

Can I take your hand?

Your eyes… fade to autumn warmth.

To fight for a long romance…

Is time just up?

Why can no else seem to change this

A knife of love. A night of love.

I’ll do anything to postpone it.

You see…

You’re not like anyone…

There’s a midnight call but you’re still bathed in sun

So far away…hidden by yourself

Your six nation army of amazing wealth

It’s never up.

I’ll always go and change it.

If everything is broken. I can rise up.

But my light.

On High


Explosions fall down and take me with them and I’m lost

So lost in everywhere

Without the thought of another chance

So, do you want something…call me. I’ll run.

The things you said before

I only want to face it.

***Couldn't forget my nice guys. The falls in love at first sight guys. The florist on stand by guys. The guys every girl deserves but doesn't always it guy

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  • Dude, you have way too much time on your hands lol. But i guess i do to since i spend time reading it and took the time to type this. Fuck my life.

    • wow dude lol.

      you have no idea how long it took me to write this (10 mins) and you have no idea what i do or what my life but sure ok.

      not sure why you're lookin to start stuff with me

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