Pointless Mytake! : Pros and Cons of listening to music!

Pointless Mytake! : Pros and Cons of listening to music!

Here are some pros and cons I think come with listening to your favorite music!


1. You can relax listening to music!

Whether you came from work or just woke up getting ready to take another nap, music will always help you relax! It doesn't matter what you are doing, you can listen to music to help you relax while you're doing you're thing.

2. It shows your individuality!

You can listen to some "underground" music or mainstream music, it doesn't matter! It shows your likes and dislikes! Not everyone is going to like all your favorite artists and not everyone's gonna hate artists you dislike. You can like Taylor Swift and some black metal band lol, people might look at you weird but who cares everyone is different. You are not forced to like only one type of genre. It shows YOUR likes and dislikes. It shows YOUR individuality!

3. It helps control your emotions

When come home pissed from school because people made fun of my Tighty Whiteys, I put on my earbuds and play some Slipknot to relieve the anger and embarrassment! When I'm happy, I'll play some Drake wishin I had all of dat paper.

4. It's Awesome

You know that feeling when you get chills through your spine and get full of excitment? Yeah that feeling, it's hard to explain! Lol. It's like getting a natural high!

Ok now we'll talk about the cons of listening to music........


1. THERE AIN'T NO CONS! MUSIC IS LIFE! NO CONS FOR MUSIC! (well unless u make yourself go deaf lol)

Yeah this was a pointless Mytake about music with little to no effort put into it lol. I probably doesn't even make sense but I don't care! This what happens when I'm stuck home with nothing to do....................

P.S : I'm listening to music as we speak............. (not that you cared anyways lol)


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  • na thare is one con

    • What is that?

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    • That is very true! I wonder why I didn't think of that lol

    • cuss music is too cool to care o and wen u dont no what song u want to here fisrt

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