Random myTake!: How To Listen To Metal! (Or At Least Respect It)

There are so many people out there that are afraid of metal for so many reasons. In this take, I will show you why you shouldn't be afraid of it!:

1. What is metal?

From Wikipedia:

"bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness."

2. Myth- metal is satanic

This is the most said thing about metal! Metal is NOT satanic. Yeah there are SOME bands that were satanic, but that was back in the old days. There is no actual satanic band in this day and age. The closest thing is anti religious bands. All of the symbolism in metal bands are meant to scare you (and obviously it works) and it comes with the music. Think of it as a "gimick", for example, rap these days their "gimick" is money, drugs, etc lol.

3. What are their lyrics about?

It depends............. A BIG misconception people have is that metal is one genre. Metal has HUNDREDS of sub genres! One thing you should know is that metal may use dark lyrics, but you have to find a deeper meaning to it! (It's for metal heads to relate!). And there are some bands that are actually positive! Here are most heard lyrics from each subgenre of metal!:

Metalcore - one of the most popular sub genres, metalcore for the most part is mostly based on love/breakups etc.

Hardrock - varies within bands like rock

Death core - mostly angry lyrics

Metal is very misunderstood, I guess especially cuz of the way they scream/sing which is what leads me to.........

4. "Damn this guy is screaming! He is definitely satanic"

People automatically assume that the screaming makes them demonic or something. It's just another way of singing guys! Listen to what they are actually saying or look up the lyrics if tou can't understand them. This is one of the biggest reasons why people misunderstand metal. It may take a while to get used to it, but once you get into it, it is like nothing you have ever heard before!

I can't force you to like it or expect you to like it. I just want you to look at metal in a different way. I know there are some religious people that will confront me but guess what? I'm Catholic! (one of the most dedicated religions). I might make a second part of this but who knows lol

Do you see metal differently? Please take note this is NOT to get you to like metal but to get to know it better! And yeah it may have unappealing lyrics but doesn't that go for all genres? Loll

(Feel free to insult me! I'm ready! I don't give a shiz, so give me all u got! Lol)

Here is an example of a non satanic metalcore band with screaming and lyrics:


Most Helpful Girl

  • YES! so many misconception when it comes to metal lol
    my personal favourite is symphonic :)

    • Yup people judge it before actually listening to it and I pretty much like most metal lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • I definitely agree that metal is (mainly) not Satanic. There are some bands out there that do have Satanic kind of lyrics and stuff, but the vast majority are not like that. There is a pretty clear distinction too.

    On a side note, "Not the American Average" is a good song, but to all the people out there who don't know metal, most metal is not 'that' sexual lol

    My personal favorite metal subgenres are metalcore and progressive metal (with djent in them).

    • Yeah I realized that wasn't a good example XD probably should have put Shine On-The Amity Affliction or something like that lol

      Just thought of it cuz it didn't have satanic lyrics XD

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  • Never a huge metal fan but I never dismissed it either - I would have grown up with the AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple genre of metal and thought some of it was good even to this day I hear some metal and think "Hey the guitar riff on that song was good".
    Just on a total tangent, music tastes aside I always thought rockers and metalheads were some of the nicest people I ever met definitely the most approachable of music cliques.

    • Yes ironically we are the nicest people lol just that some will get out of hand when you trash their favorite band

  • Way to not do it justice at all.

    There were small number of bands that were satanists, they usually didn't last too long. But most of the figureheads in extreme metal used satanic themes at one point or another. Also, it depends what you mean by satanic. I would be inclined to interpret satanic as harnessing the aesthetics of rebellion, antagonism and opposition.

    You didn't explain what satan means in the context of metal, in spite of saying people need to look for deeper meaning. It's not a "gimmick" and - not that I even like rap but - neither is the money and drugs in rap. I think they are symbols that relate to the core of their respective genres.

    I don't have great respect for deathcore, I think of it like simplistic death metal, but I would still give it more credit than "mostly angry lyrics."

    And Asking Alexandria... are you kidding me?


  • Just cut to the chase and shove mathcore down the noobies throats and watch them writhe in confusion :P The beginners freak out enough when they can't differentiate vocals, wait till you see their faces reacting to the whole ensemble going nuts :P

  • thanks for the take. very informative... i still ain't listening to that shit :P

  • Metal rules. The end.


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