I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

Guys and girls, warm season is almost here :)

I'm sure you're all tired of gray urban everyday life and dream about going on a fascinating journey...

So let's discuss the best places to visit this year!

1. The 14th Venice Architecture Biennale (starting from June 7; LOCATION: Venice, Italy)

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

The 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice, instead of the usual three months, will last for six months. Its curator, architect and founder of OMA, Rem Koolhaas , proposed to concentrate on timeless architectural elements, as well as the history of the national architectural schools and called "Basics" the main theme of the Biennale.

2. International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions (starting from June 15; LOCATION: Cannes, France)

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

61th ceremony of the festival, the main theme of which this year will be "Creativity in Action", traditionally celebrates the best work in the field of advertising of the year. In addition to the competition program - the festival will include seminars, discussions and performances devoted to branding, design, business, technology, media, psychology and other disciplines.

3. Festival OFFF (starting from 5 July; LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

The festival of digital art and culture, which came from Barcelona, this year will be held in St. Petersburg. OFFF SPB plans to unite artists, programmers, illustrators, web designers, representatives of the advertising industry and other creative figures.

4. Photography Festival Les Rencontres d'Arles (starting from July 7; LOCATION: Arles, France)

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

This year, the main director of the festival in the world of photo François Ebel leaves his position - honoring this at the French Arles will be shown especially large-scale exhibitions, which will be held in different parts of the city.

5. Comic-Con (starting from July 24; LOCATION: San Diego, USA)

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

The organizers of the Comic-Con festival still keep a secret program for the four days, when the downtown of San Diego will be "captured" by fans of comic books, science fiction and fantasy.

These are top-5 interesting places I recommend you to visit this summer!

Now you should only choose the way to travel..

Don't forget to book a plane/train/boat ticket beforehand.

I Know What You Will Do This Summer ;)

I guess time to end this post.. Just want to wish you a productive spring and summer.

Do not waste your vacation time on domestic duties, use your free time doing things you love and travel! As traveling is the best way to examine yourself :)

Plan ahead: These are the Top 5 interesting places to visit this summer!

Posted by Girls Ask Guys on Monday, February 22, 2016


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  • It's a nice list. I am going to visit Russia this summer. My check list is Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Peter and I want to see famous lake Baikal. I often observe it online and this time I want to see it alive.


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