My Favorite Things To Do Art In


Pencil is one of my favorite things to draw with. You can do so much with it and show details and if you mess up that's okay you can just erase it.

My favorite things to do art in

Color Pencil

it can be used to show emotion and set the mood.

Pen and Ink

you can just make things look real if you do it correctly with animal pics. And it just looks cool.


you can make whatever you want out of clay.

why I love art

you can put your heart into it. Its away for me to express myself without talking. It just makes me happy and feel good about myself.


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  • I love art as well. My personal favorite is a thing called scratchboard (then oil pastel, then pen). It isn't one of the more popular art mediums (I only really learned about it from my years in high school art), but it is fun to draw with and can create some really amazing designs.

    For those out there who don't know, it is basically paper with ink rolled over it. One can then scratch off, with metal scrapers, to produce an image underneath. It is like pen in it's precision but pencil in its easiness to shade. You can then paint over it with water color to create a cool effect.

    Without color:

    With color:

    I am absolutely awful at 3d art and acrylic paint, but I'm happy with most of my other 2d stuff lol

    Since you seem to enjoy pencil and art, you may want to check it out! You could enjoy it!

    (Warning note: Scratchboard takes forever and is time consuming. Also note that when buying scratchboard, it is important to get quality scratchboard. Ampersand makes quality stuff. Cheap stuff has issues with the rolled on ink and will lead to frustration, as personally determined.)

    Oh, and cool art-- I like the pen and ink one!


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  • I recently got to play with clay, but I love drawing in pencil and colored pencil, I'm never gotten to do and pen or ink yet


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  • I enjoy using both the pencil and then ink. I draw what I want in pencil and the ink over it. I also use colored pencils to color it in.

  • Good take - Love the pen and ink drawing

  • Here's my first ever drawing done in pencil.

  • I prefer ink.

  • Your art is awesome. Keep up the good work! <3

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