What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

Art can be a very touchy subject especially when one person dislikes an artist, but others love that same person's collection. Everyone has different likes, preferences, tastes etc. My taste in art is varied but one of my favorite artists is Pascal Campion. Have you heard of him? Have you seen his art? Can you understand why I admire his art?

What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

His art is incredibly pleasing to my eye. It is warm. Pascal's art largely captures his home life, pets, some superheroes, holiday images, children, neighbors, farmer's markets, apartment buildings, lakes, oceans, meadows etc etc. I'm literally like a deer in headlights when I see new art from him!

What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

Pascal Campion's art is amazing. The nuances of everyday life are resoundingly celebrated. I'm drawn to the lighting in his pieces and the joie de vivre, whether it's subtle or over the top. Can you name some of your favorite artists?

What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

What does art do for you? Do you see art in everyday things? A weed growing a flower, dewy green grass, cirrus clouds? I definitely do. I hope everyone does also. I can't imagine not admiring art. What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

So, the point of myTake is to share beauty. I hope one person reads this myTake and takes joy from the art I've presented. Little things make a big difference in quality of life. Art is definitely necessary for me.

What Kind Of Art Draws You In?

I will end by sharing a lovely rainy day picture. Can you hear, feel and smell the rain? I certainly do and I am thankful for Pascal Campion's talent. I'm grateful there are untold pieces of art to still be created by this artist. The value of art in my humble opinion is beyond price. What are your thoughts? Thank you much!


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  • Art in general. So many things can be expressed in it. Paintings, sculptures, music, etc., are all really good mediums for human expression


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