Why I Love The Viner Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is this very adorable, funny and sweet guy who's popular on Vine. Here are reasons why he's my favorite and I love him. (Sadly, he turned 27 today [4/25] and he's ~ 10 years older than me. *sigh* I never had a chance anyway)

Why I Love The Viner Thomas Sanders.

He has anxiety

just like me. He jokes about it but he actually knows what it's like to have social anxiety.


I love his vines and whenever I'm sad I put on his vines and have a good laugh.

I can always relate to his vines.

It seems to be that he has so many lovely friends, he's so fucking attractive.

His hair, eyes and smile are amazing.

He's into pokemon and he's a huge Harry Potter nerd like me ^,^

He is someone I would love to be friends with. Not because he's popular but because he's someone I'd like.

Do you like Thomas?

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  • *in a funny loud voice* I DOUBT HE CAN CATCH THEM ALL! :P

    Never heard of this dude before but seems funny. :)


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  • OH YESSS I LOVE HIM TOO! I hope I run into him one day!

  • Ya totally he is my favorite 😍


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