La vida es asi: 11 of My Favorite Spanish Songs

Most of these songs I grew up listening to as a child. Some of these songs have a deep meaning or positive meaning about life in them.

1. La vida es asi by Ivy Queen

One of the few women in reggaetone not only does Ivy Queen bring her own unique fashion style from Puerto Rico but she also has a unique voice La vida es asi: My top favorite Spanish songs

2. Vivir mi vida by Mark Antony

3. Torre de babel by David Bisbal: Original Mix

4. Makossa by Natti Natasha

5. Me estas tentando by Wisen y Yandel

6. Whine up (Spanish Version) by Kat de luna

7. Arrasando by Thalia

8. Reencarnacion by Thalia

9. Jaleo by Ricky Martin

10: Juramento by Ricky Martin

11. Torero by Azucar Moreno

I really love this group

Of course I have many more but there were so many to choose from so I listed my favorite out of all

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