6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

Most overused cliché plots ever. Before we start I just want to state that not all clichés are bad some can be good and I like clichés sometimes, but there comes a point when a story has been so overused that it's becomes boring, and annoyingly cliché.

The bad boy and the good girl

Oh how many times I've seen this one been used. Yeah, yeah I get it the bad boy player falls in love with the good girl and the girl changes him to stop his player like ways. *Yawn* I've seen stories like this a million times. Could you at least try to be original? Besides its unrealistic for people to change completely for their lover. This is what sets up lots of girls in bad relationships because of this mindset.

Worst clichés ever

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

Stories about the "chosen one"

I've heard this one way too many times. The "He/she has been chosen by some higher force! This person somehow isn't very special and is the only person who can save the world and blah, blah, blah." It's just not unique.

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

The damsel in distress

The whole damsel in distress plot is a classic. With the women kidnapped or in some sort of trouble, and then the knight in shining armor comes to her rescue playing the hero. Seen it, read it, watched it. Sooo overused. *sigh*

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

The dumb jock scenarios

Not only is it a commen misused sterotype, but a classic cliché. Not all jocks are dumb. How athletic you are may impact your intellect in that you may use up too much time working on your body than your mind but other than that how athletically inclined you are has nothing do with how smart you are. In fact studies have shown that exercise improves the memory of the mind. It is scientifically proven as to not only improve brain function but so acts as a "first aid kit" to the brain. So the stereotype that all jocks tend to be dumb is rendered pointless.

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

The having an evil twin or clone

I love this story plot, but it's also getting overused and cliché.

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

The overly used love triangle

I can't stand love triangles because their sole purpose is to drag the movie or show along. Any progress is whitewashed, and most of the issues could be resolved in 20 minutes if they sat down and talked. (Or one person would move on).

It's really the worst type of fantasy, since basic communication breaks it, and characters act to further the plot rather than act human.

6 of the Worst Cliche Plots Ever

I'm not saying clichés are bad but they get boring after awhile and unless you use your own twists and do it right it's just... Well cliché.

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  • The inept and overly dumb horror victims

    • That too lol

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    • Eddie Murphy had an old bit about the haunted house movies - like why didn't they just get the hell out. He said that's why they didn't have black people in those movies - the movie would start, you see them running down the street, the movies over.

    • @zagor lol true, while the white person runs towards to the killer with no plan or weapon then is shocked their being killed

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  • Or the one where the girl isn't a damsel in distress and does something badass and then is like 'I grew up with brothers' and ruins it :P


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  • Yassss! Preach 🙌

  • True, but cliché is good sometimes.


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