10 Things I Love About X-Men: Apocalypse

10 Things I Love About X-Men: ApocalypsePossible *Spoilers*


10. Psylocke

Psylocke is the character that looks the most like her comic book counterpart so far. And that's a good thing because comic book Psylocke is sexy as hell. Her outfit doesn't look hokey at all, her powers are on point, And her ninja skills look legit!

9. Nightcrawler

Young, Emo Nightcrawler really works!

And I'm glad since I really love Nightcrawler.

8. Quicksilver always looks epic when he's doing his thing

And the song they used was almost as good as the one in Days of future past.

Still no Scarlett Witch :(

7. Finally found the perfect young hot redhead to play Jean Grey

6. Seeing a young Cyclops unleashing his optic blast for the first time

5. Archangel

Finally got his deadly metal wings.

4. The 10+ minute bloody rampage by Weapon X was worth the price of admission alone

3. Got to see Micheal Fassbender's Magneto in action again

2. Jubilee!

Even if I never did see her pop off one plasma firework.

Jubilation Lee <3

1. And my favorite part of the movie was probably the new Storm.

Love the actress and the cute, savage mohawk.

Plus she had a perfect Arabic accent (pulled off by an American)This movie definitely made Storm one of my favorite characters, Something the comics never did.


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