My favorite marvel villains


Marvel has so many great villains, many of them deserve their own movie or tv show. Here are my favorite marvel villains.

(This myTake/article is a complement to my other myTake/article where I list my favorite marvel heroes, which you can read here.)

1. Master Man

A Nazi super soldier and member of super axis who is physically superior to Captain America. His major weakness is that his powers are temporary, as in they activate and deactivate, similar to DC’s Shazam.

Master Man
Master Man

2. Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

A mutant who has superhuman strength, speed, dexterity, endurance etc. He is also highly skilled in martial arts and his nickname “Gorgon” is a reference to his power of being able to turn people into stone by making eye contact with them.

Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)
Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

3. Baron Von Strucker

A high ranking hydra member who doesn’t age. He is also a skilled martial artist and is highly intelligent.

Baron Von Strucker
Baron Von Strucker

4. Akihiro/Daken

The son of wolverine and his wife Itsu. He has the same physical abilities as his father but unlike his father, Daken is a villain due to a lack of guidance.


5. Red Skull

A classic marvel villain known for being Captain America’s arch nemesis. His Grotesque appearance is the result of his super soldier syndrome gone wrong that gave him superhuman abilities at the cost of his human appearance.

Red Skull
Red Skull

6. Lady Deathstrike

A female mutant with similar abilities as Wolverine. Admantium skeleton regeneration, superhuman strength, speed etc. And is a skilled martial artist.

Lady Deathstrike
Lady Deathstrike

7. Warrior Woman

A female super soldier and member of the super axis.

Warrior Woman
Warrior Woman

8. Sabretooth

The bigger badder version of Wolverine and had countless fights with Wolverine as well. He has similar abilities to Wolverine but also has incredible senses.


9. Lizard Man/Curtis Connors

A mad scientist who injected himself with his own serum in order to regrow one of his arms but also unintentionally gave himself the ability to transform into a giant reptilian creature.

Lizard Man/Curtis Connors
Lizard Man/Curtis Connors

10. The Mandarin

A Eurasian (Half Chinese, half English) villain who’s goal is world domination. He’s highly athletic and highly skilled in martial arts. But he is mostly known for his ten rings that grant him various powers.

The Mandarin
The Mandarin

11. Amatsu Mikaboshi

A very powerful(most powerful villain on this list) demonic entity who has supernatural levels of Strength, speed, agility etc. He is an inter dimensional being, capable of flight, teleportation, resurrection, manipulating size of matter and enslaving almost anything. He also managed to slay Zeus who is stronger than he is on one occasion. Very few marvel characters can stop him, Izanagi is one those few characters who can stop him.

Amatsu Mikaboshi
Amatsu Mikaboshi

12. Carl Creel/Absorbing Man

A former boxer turned hydra agent capable of temporarily absorbing any properties of matter and energy to use them as weapons or protection.

Carl Creel/Absorbing Man
Carl Creel/Absorbing Man

13. Bullseye

A psychopathic Assassin who can throw any object at superhuman lethal speeds and has superhuman marksmanship. He is also fairly good at martial arts. His two worst enemies are daredevil and the Punisher.


14. Black Tarantula

A skilled martial artist and member of the hand. His enhanced abilities(strength, speed, durability healing etc) are the result of a potion he drank. He can also shoot energy beams through his eyes.

14. Black Tarantula
14. Black Tarantula

15. Mystique

Perhaps one of the most sexually attractive female characters in marvel. A human mutant with shapeshifting abilities and enhanced physical abilities. While she isn’t always a villain, I think she’s still perfect for this list.


16. Mister Hyde

Calvin Zabo is a genius scientist who via a special formula acquired the ability to turn at will into a monster known as Mister Hyde who also has superhuman strength. He is based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mister Hyde
Mister Hyde

17. Paladin

A physically enhanced mercenary who isn’t exactly a villain but frequently comes in conflict with heroes and anti heroes. He also wears some type of advanced bullet proof armor.


18. Agent X

A mercenary who has superhuman regeneration, strength, dexterity, speed and endurance. It’s heavily implied that he’s an alternate version of Deadpool.

Agent X
Agent X

19. Heinrich Zemo

A Nazi scientist who created various wunderwaffen for the Nazis during WWII. Aside from his genius intellect, he’s also an expert in martial arts. He’s probably the most evil villain on this list due to his complete disregard for his own people as shown when he tested his death ray on a German town in an attempt at framing the allies.

Heinrich Zemo
Heinrich Zemo

20. Helmut Zemo

The son of Heinrich Zemo. Not primarily a scientist like his father but he is still fairly intelligent. Helmut primarily a combat specialist. His mask hides his disfigurement he received when he fought Captain America

Helmut Zemo
Helmut Zemo
My favorite marvel villains
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Most Helpful Girls

  • The_White_Queen
    My number 1 would be the green goblin.
    2. Crossbones.
    3. Doctor Doom.
    4. Magneto.
    5. Apocalypse
    6. Kingpin.
    7 Dr octopus.
    8. Venom
    9. Annihilus.
    10. Mr Sinster.

    Hobgoblin is a favourite too.
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    • lernulo

      Your list is better that the original from the post.

  • MarkellaScorpio01
    Apocalypse.My favorite marvel villains
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Iron_Man
    Interesting choices
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    • Iron_Man

      Thank you for most Helpful Award

  • Wurdom
    Great list
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  • Wowgirl30q
    😀😀..My favorite marvel villains
    • Just curious what program do you use to get all those special effects.

    • Several Pics App/Art, ArtFuse Editing, Icam and just regular old photo shop but usually a couple programs.

    • Thanks.

  • Savage_Wisdom
    I like Magneto. It's not for his powers or accomplishments though. It's because of his motivations. He doesn't want to destroy the world, or conquer it, or anything like that. All he wants is to ensure that his people, the mutants, can live safe and free of persecution at the hands of people who hate them simply because they were born a little different than them.
  • RolandCuthbert
    I like Deathstrike out of your list. The old Mandarin sucked. But the new Mandarin is cold blooded.
  • Korand
    I would litterally become taskmasters underling if he asked me to. He'd be like do this I'd be like Yes master.
    • Korand

      Others thought would have to be bullseye, Kraven, Galactus, Ego, Mr impossible, modock, Ronan, Loki,

      I would love to have a symbiote , especially Carnage.

      Baron zemo, and enchantress, I'd be like their love child.

      Purple man, imagine being able to get people to do whatever you say...

  • name_is_eric
    So much anti-Axis propaganda, Natsophobia much? Like every other sUpErViLlAiN is a 'Nazi' or an affiliate... Little did they know they were the actual heroes.

    My choice is Master man, because he has the physique every proud white man should aim for.
    • Magneto

    • Heroes don't demonize millions of innocent civilians.

    • MuH iNnOcEnT cIvIlIaNs!! Civilians die in wars, that's what war is. Germans liberated millions of people, which makes up for the deaths.

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  • Historylover18
    Red Skull, Thanos, Venom and Ultron are some of my personal favorites
    • Korand

      That's week

    • Weak* And why?

    • Korand

      Spelled it left on purpose.

      Those are only four villains, and the most mainstream villains all from mainstream mcu... If you said someone like proteus, or tiger shark, or the bettle. I would have respected it more. I can't help that you like what you like. But it seems you're choices are indeed week...

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  • October808
    Jormungand the Midgard serpent, turned Thor's body to Jelly. The Celestials, judgers and executioners of worlds. It took Thor and the Avengers to prevent earth's extinction from being carried out. Even Odin got involved. The Marauders during the Mutant Massacre. Cameron Hodge. The Sentinels. Kraven the Hunter. Hellfire Club. Dormammu. Loki and his daughter Hela. Apocalypse. Sabretooth (before he was retconned as Logan's brother). Magneto, a complex character who fought the X-men and sided with the X-men. The X-men even defended him against the Avengers after Asteroid M fell to earth. Dr Doom. Man so many well conceived Villains.
  • Bismarck_96
    I see Swaztikas *inserts Westerwald song*
  • nik4play
    Grow up!
  • Eaglesfan285
    Ok, so whats your question?
    • You do realize that this is an article right?

  • LoU_Hades
    I'm not accustomed with Marvel's world
  • MarkRet
    I always liked Dr Doom.
  • mrbunglethecay
    The Magus or The Fallen one
  • JesseJayNeak
    Doc. Ock will always be my favorite
  • Mrblooo
    All the women villians I'd like to fuck em all
  • yourfavperson
    u read comics? loser.
  • Massageman
    Number 15.
  • Clarke498
    Seriously? Neither Doom nor Magneto?
  • Xoirwinkan
    The best Marvel villain is Marvel itself.
  • Anonymous
    Captain Marvel. Greatest Marvel villain ever.My favorite marvel villains