Movie Rant: Deadpool Fans Who Act Like This Get On My Nerves!

Movie Rant: Deadpool fans that act like this get on my nerves!

I thought that maybe it would pass. I thought that maybe I would get over it, but today the katanas are coming out! Well at least to some of you Deadpool fans today.

1. The fans that act as if Deadpool is the first and only popular movie to break the fourth wall:

So screw Fight Club then huh? There are plenty of well known movies that broke the fourth wall that came out before Deadpool like Ferris Bueller's Day Off,

American Psycho, George of the Jungle, etc.

2. The fans that act like Deadpool the only Rated R Marvel movie ever.

I'm just going to lay these here.


The Punisher

3. The fans that act like they know everything about Deadpool just because they saw one movie:

No one is asking you to be a scholar but people who go to see the movie once all of a sudden one to act like experts. I wonder how many people actually noticed that the love interest Vanessa is actually supposed to have powers but whatever, what do I know.

Young mutant shape-shifter Vanessa Carlysle fell into a life of prostitution in Boston where she met and fell in love with mercenary Wade Wilson.

4. The fans who say Ryan Reynolds voice is better in the Deadpool game because he sounds more like Deapool:

This one has to be my biggest facepalm annoyance ever with some Deadpool fans. Marvel is known like DC to keep their shows and games, separate from the movies.

The Deadpool Game came out 3 years ago. Nolan North has played over 15 video game characters, with some of them including comic book characters. So I don't think he has a hard time getting voice acting jobs. In fact Nolan North has played the voice of Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, War machine, Desmond Miles, Cyclops, Penguin, etc.

What really annoys me is that no one else has said this about other comic book based video games. I have never heard, 'Oh Hugh Jackman should have played the voice of Wolverine in the video game!"

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What Guys Said 2

  • This is what happens when wannabe fans clash with the hardcore fans. :P See this happen all the time in the gaming world, that's for sure, especially with so many games being turned into movies these days (instead of vice versa).

    "Oh, that Assassin's Creed movie was awesome; I love Assassin's Creed!"

    "Yeah? Give me the name of TWO protagonists from that series. Just two."


    "One? Can you name one?"

    "... this was a video game?"


    • That's an exchange I can envision when the movie comes out; it isn't out yet, of course. :)

  • Of course they know other characters have done it. That is why there the phrase "breaking the forth wall" exists. It just isn't common, and normally makes no sense for a character to do that in a movie. It is just weird and doesn't make any sense most of the time. For Deadpool it makes sense because it is a long running gag that do to his insanity making him think his existence isn't real. I really thought the studio would have cut that part from his character to be honest. You know how the studio likes to destroy characters they don't understand.

    Apparently She Hulk use to break the fourth wall all the time long before Deadpool did. In one comic it showed her running across the page that had the ads on it, to get to the next scene. The thing is most of the people that are just finding out about Deadpool, aren't really comic fans, or comic fans that only read a few comics so are only familiar with a few comic characters. So their knowledge is more limited in that regard. That is why Deadpool seems more unique that he really is.

    In all fairness Blade and Ferris Bueller, both came out a long time ago, so a lot of the people watching Deadpool now were kids at the time or forgot about those movies unless you remind them. The Punisher didn't do that well despite being a good movie. So Deadpool is the most recent rated R movie Superhero movie that did really well at the box office. It proved that there is currently a strong market for rated R superhero movies. That is an achievement.

    • Fight Club was huge though and still memorable. If fox did a she hulk movie people would just say "she copied deadpool"

    • Yeah it was a big movie, but people aren't going to remember every scene from fight club. I don't remember it breaking the fourth wall, but if you say so, then I assume it did. Mostly I just remember it being narrated at times, but not actually breaking the fourth wall.

      I agree they would say she hulk was copying Deadpool. People just aren't as familiar with her. She however did break the fourth wall before Deadpool. Although if they did a she hulk movie as a comedy, it could be great. I think they are over saturating the market with dark and depressing superhero issues right now, and apparently they just want to get darker.

    • Fight Club definitely broke the fourth wall. You need to watch it again

What Girls Said 1

  • I agree... Especially the third one. Many of them didn't even know who he was before the movie. I've been a fan of him long before that and the movie really doesn't explain much about him.