Why the Illuminati is Real: Exploring the Concept in Hollywood

(Disclaimer: I do not actually believe that the Illuminati is real)

Why the Illuminati is Real: exploring the concept in Hollywood

There are some things that the Illuminati believes, that can represent certain aspects of what it means to be a star in Hollywood. Although I find their beliefs crazy, some of their beliefs do have a point....

Symbolically of course

Exploring what the Illuminati believes: In Hollywood the Illuminati says that ccelebrities get their wealth, fame, and power through sacrifice. Then, they kill them when they no longer have use for them.

The Symbolism of sacrifice: Celebrities, well at least most celebs had to work hard to get to where they are today. They had to give up something to get where they are today whether that be time with family, friends, romantic relationships, traveling a lot etc.

Also, they put themselves out there at the risk of being stalked. Sure there is money and fame involved but then the people they may have been dating before they got famous, may try to bribe or threaten them. For example, some celebs have had nude pictures released that they took before they got famous. Since celebs are under the spotlight, they have to sacrifice their privacy for fame.

Death: People do not really appreciate a famous person's contribution and physical appearance until after they are dead. I have heard people say, "He/she was so handsome/beautiful so talented," when in reality some of those same people that said that would not think so otherwise if the celeb was still alive.

Also, there are some famous people that people have never even heard of until they are reported as dead. Whether you admit or not, you do not know every single celebrity who has died in the past 20 years.

Let's be real, some of you have not heard of some of these celebs before until you heard of them on the news as dead.

With death comes opportunity: If taken, the death of a celebrity can be an opportunity for another celeb to come into the spotlight.

There have been celeb deaths that have helped paved the way for other celebs' careers.

(Originally actor River Phoenix was supposed to be in Interview with the Vampire but he died four weeks before filming started, so Christian Slater took his place)

This concept can be symbolism for the Illuminati belief that celebs are killing other Illuminati members to become famous in return. When in reality Hollywood has always been competitive. If it was not hard to make it in Hollywood then it would be overstuffed with people.

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  • Those illuminate nutjobs are everywhere. There is no illuminati you nutjobs.


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  • The illuminati could possibly be real. I mean there's a bunch of evil out there in the world, but there's not much we can do about it.

  • just dont watch tv too much