Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition


This is just for fun, people! Don't get too freaked out...but keep an open mind.

Taylor Swift is the daughter of a Satanist

Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition

Zeena was the daughter of the man who founded the Chursh of Satanism. Her baptism was televised, she has been awarded the title high priestess of the church. The conspiracy divides in one clear aspect: Taylor is either the daughter or the clone of the former high priestess...

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Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, John Travolta, Leonardo Dicaprio, Nicholas Cake (and others) are Vampires (or clones)

Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition

Britney Spears has been Cloned

She even wrote a whole album Original Doll about it. She played her song Mona Lisa (about a girl being cloned) It wasn't supported by her record label and her solo project was never put out there. In the places where it says 'gone' it's actually 'cloned'... It doesn't even sound like gone, come on, people!

She also made a whole video about her, as an animated character, walking into the cloning laboratory where there are dozens of human sized tubes with her inside each of those.

Her record label hired a woman to sing most of her songs on the next album because of this: something she had no idea of.

Avril Lavigne's fame was taken over by Melissa Vandella

Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition

Melissa is a girl who, at one time, took Avril's place because at that time she was dealing with depression due to her grandpa dying. The conspiracy says that Avril killed herself because the depression had taken over her life and the music producers could not lose their prized 'horse', so they hired Melissa to take over the position permanently. They taught her to 'sing', perform...give interviews... And this is still going.

And...of course:

Beyonce accepting Taylor Swift into the Illuminati

Remember when Kanye embarrassed Taylor on stage?

An Illuminati's final test. If she took it gracefully, she's in. Note: she was wearing a champagne dress. The next time she came back on stage she was wearing a red dress - one of the signature Illuminati colors. Stood next to Beyonce who invited her on stage - also wearing red. And she's in.

Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
Conspiracy Theories: Pop Culture Edition
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  • Waffles731
    What I've always wondered with these illimunati conspiracy theories believers.
    For a group dedicated to ruling the world secretly, they sure do operate right out in the open but how would we know, well obviously someone found out, which means that the conspiracy theorie believers are probably the conspirators
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    • Ever hear the phrase "It's easier to hide in plain sight" ?

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  • lumos
    I think it's ridiculous that just because two people look alike it must mean that they've been cloned, or taken over by someone else, or have somehow managed to live for hundreds of years. That's ridiculous. I also don't see how changing your dress means anything either, celebrities change outfits all the time in the middle of shows and programs and concerts. It's probably just to encourage photographers to take more pictures.
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    • lumos

      And that video of Avril singing is so weird. As if singers never change their voices and try different things vocally, or as if their voices don't evolve somehow?

  • Bandit74
    They really do look similar :o

    I do think there is potentially some truth to celebrities being Satanists. There are a lot of satantic symbolism in many of their music videos and also in a lot of fashion magazine photoshoots.
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  • ChocoLada
    LoL, ridiculous theories, but who is Nicholas Cake? :P
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    • Hahaha Slipped through... Probably hired site editors will amend this.

    • ChocoLada

      Yeah, hahaha, I guess so :)

  • Nik1hil
    If that's true I gotta believe the last one hehe!.. I will still be a swiftie even if she is a satanic illuminati!.. Fan to the crazy little girl who loved singing!..
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    Illuminati or satanic symbolism and worship is alive and well in today's music. Everyone from Madonna, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and many others flaunt satanism in their videos and in their live shows. This is conspiracy fact...
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  • dipta
    Avril Lavigne suddenly changed so much musically that one could almost believe such a conspiracy.
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  • Usersame
    This kind of idiocy made the NSA spying being labled as conspiracy until everyone was forced to open their eyes.
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  • Fathoms77
    Man, if there's one person who wouldn't need to be cloned...
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  • sailorjupiter
    how about Lady Gaga?
    i think she has the most stories about conspiracy theories lolz
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    I do like the odd conspiracy theory but those ones are slightly out there even for me - Enjoyable take though.
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  • Adigelunar
    wow !!
  • MissSakura
    wow ım impressed