15 Memorable Girls In 80s Music Videos (Part I/Letters A to D)

This is the first part of a MyTake series, featuring various girls in 80s music videos. Some of them were known models or actresses of that era, whilst others were unknown. Female vocalists or female band members are excluded.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band (1982)

2) All The Love In The World by The Outfield (1985)

3) Ballroom Blitz by Krokus (1984)

4) Bed Of Nails by Alice Cooper (1989)

5) Blondes In Black Cars by Autograph (1985)

6) Breakthru by Queen (1989)

7) Burning In Love by Honeymoon Suite (1984)

8. Can't Let You Go by Rainbow (1983)

9) Carrie's Gone by Le Roux (1983)

10) Crazy by Icehouse (1987)

11) Dance With Me by Alphaville (1986)

12) Devil Inside by INXS (1987)

13) Don't Be My Enemy by Wang Chung (1983)

14) Don't Cry by Asia (1983)

15) Don't Stop The Dance by Bryan Ferry (1985)


Most Helpful Girls

  • Dance With Me by Alphaville and Bed Of Nails by Alice Cooper are the only two I know from here...

    • You mean the girls in the video, or the songs? If the latter, I'm surprised because many songs from here are much more popular than those 2. Especially Abracadabra, is one of the most recognizable 80s hits.

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    • Yeah, I meant the songs, but I like all of the videos :)

  • I haven't heard of most of these songs. Very cool.


Most Helpful Guys

  • That sweet little thing from Out Field was hot. Love your choices in videos as well as you take on bands. The girl that called in for Crazy was a doll to in the Ice House vid as well. The blond in Asia's Don't Cry was very pretty, just isn't my style. Bryan Ferry's Don't Stop. Had this dark haired woman had long hair I would have put her at the top of the list. Many beauties in the 80. s music scene for sure

    • Thanks.

      My favorite would be the girl in Queen's Breakthru.

  • The 80s had the most beautiful girls of any decade


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  • I was going to say the girls from the legs stop video. Oh and the girl in the November rain video

    • You mean Legs from ZZ Top? And November Rain's 90s though.

    • Lol! Should have known better for November rain but ovbiously the Zz top legs was a typo dude lol

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